Sunday, February 23, 2014

Leprechaun Shoes

Hey Jammers! The Jam Mart Clothing Store has release Leprechaun Shoes...
AJHQ is getting into the Lucky Day spirit!
Original Color: Green
The Daily Explorer posted an article about Marshmallow Molecules....
The Lucky Party is in Jamaa as of Yesterday....
I can't make the one above, but there many be one later I might be able to make!
In other news, has anyone else been having this troubling glitch?
Every time I click to "Change my Look" it just loads. 
It is very frustrating and I can't change my trade list or my look!

Today is Sunday, so that means Blu Issues!
Click above to see the New Comic!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What is your favorite shop?


  1. YAY first comment! Anyways, nice post! BTW I HATE THE GLITCH TOO! I know how to fix it though! You have to clear you history/ cache. That way Animal Jam will load better. That happened to me for DAYS and i was so angry so i cleared my browsing data and voila :3 NO MORE GLITCH XD Happy jamming everyone!


    P.S Be sure to check out my blog!

    1. yay! I love blu the monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I will have to try that..........

    3. OMg that glitch is getting on my nerves too!!!

    4. Here Here and also the Blu would not come up when i clicked it

    5. Try the Blu the Monkey Now! I fixed the glitch!


    6. DX i got that glitch too. it sux!

  2. The same thing happens to me. I have some animals with nothing on and I can't change it! I stupidly bought another snow leopard yesterday, and I can't change its look! Grr. I have a plushie on trade (idk why) and I can't get good trades lol. Good post!

  3. I am getting so mad at that glitch for the change the look of the animal! I haven't changed my animal in 3 days!

  4. I'm super happy with my looks, I don't need to worry! And my favorite shop would have to be Outback Imports in Kimbara Outback! My den is also themed Australian, so feel free to stop by! --Ambert--

  5. I am getting the glitch too! I'm saying to my self why is this happening? So I switched to safari (I got a mac and I use google chrome) and it works there so it is very odd.

  6. Attention! The Blu the Monkey Issue #11 is now up! Go look, the glitch has been fixed!

    I would say my favorite shop in Jamaa is probably Epic Wonders or the Jam Mart Furniture Store.


    1. My favorite is the Shiveer shoppe.


  7. Lol mine 2!!!!!!!



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