Monday, February 24, 2014

Lucky Party

Welcome Jammers! Lots of great news today!! The Rare Item Monday is in the Jam Mart Clothing Store, and it is a Rare Steampunk Monocle....
Looks: **
Price: **
Jamaasian: ***
Looks very strange on animals in my opinion!
The Daily Explorer posted an article about an AJ Tip....

The Lucky Day Party is here...
Looks pretty much the same, except with new items....

Here is an exclusive video Tour of the Lucky Party 2014...
Watch above for Animal Jam Sky Blog secrets and descriptions about the Lucky Party!!!

This week's mystery is dealing with Eagle Adventures! In the Adventure Base Camp, there is a sign for Eagles with arrows pointing to the rivers. There are many ducks, frogs, flowers, and lily pads. But soon you will reach a tiny island with a a broken Adventure Portal. Of course this means that Eagles will soon go on Adventures! What will they be like? Will they be in Cloud Lands? Will an Alpha be flying up there?

Comment Call: What will Eagle Adventures be like?

I have a solution to yesterday's glitch! If yesterday's glitch happens to you, you are probably using Google Chrome. Try using Internet Explorer, it worked for me!
Blu the Monkey Issue #11 glitch has been fixed!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. Maybe you might have to play a game of Swoopy Eagle! Oooh! Sky High, you need to get at least 20 gems to continue 0.0 --Ambert--

  2. maby u will have 2 play the game where everything is flying at u and u have 2 avoid it:D:D:D:D:D:D and also i am SO exited 4 this XD i also hope they come out with underwater animals


  3. Cool entry!


  4. Maybe a Mission to sabe Greely from the air since the ground is too Dangerous

    1. greely already died in the last adventure -.-


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