Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snowflake Table

Jamaa News

Hi Jammers.. No update today!?!? :( I was hoping for an update. It has been two weeks, and today is Thursday. I guess AJHQ is still celebrating New Years. Anywho, the new item is a Snowflake Table available in the Jam Mart Furniture Store...
Looks perfect for the Snow Fort den, which I was hoping the update would have.
There is a new video in Sarepia Forest...
You should all put out the Epic Seasonal Tree because it is snowing...
Love the animation ^-^

Sky News

I recorded the 9th Skymail video...

Awesome Jammer Art on the Jammer Art Mini Blog
More Blogs Tab updated
Videos Tab updated
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: Where is the update? What/when will it get here and be?


  1. Maybe it will come on friday. And I think the hive will be for everyone in Jamaa.

  2. Comment call- i think that the snow fort den will come like u said. I also think that there might be a new pet coming..

  3. I hope that the Snow Fort den comes out soon! - Hawkeyex


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