Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Friendship Party

Welcome Jammers! It is a beautiful day in Jamaa ^-^ The new item in the Jam Mart Furniture Store is a Pink Chest...
Did you know last year this was sold in the Friendship Party? It is also sold throughout times in the Mystery Emporium. Speaking of the Friendship Party... I went there!
Yes, I attended the Friendship Party yesterday, and here are all the new items...
I love the new items!!!! Here is the video of the Friendship Party Tour 2014...
Did you like the new Liza Statue?
The Daily Explorer posted an article about yesterday's rare item....
Those are really big on dolphins O.o Cute though :)

Did you know last year at this time there was another celebration called the "Hatapalooza"? There were 3 Hat Carts in Jamaa selling tons of hats, and even a Cosmo Hat Contest! This year there is a new celebration called "Denstravaganza". "Denstravaganza, as you know, is when all dens are 50% off.

Comment Call: Which celebration do you like better?

Jammer of the Month Sign-Ups Coming Soon! 
The Polls are ending soon!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I liked hatapalooza better...


    1. Hatapalooza was better


    2. Hatapalooza cause only members can do the Denstravaganza and non members and members could do the Hatapalooza.

      - 3711

  2. i liked the den thing better


  3. If I was member, I think that I would like the denstravaganza, but I'm nm, so I like hatapalooza because it was for everyone.

  4. Dear Scooter,
    Sorry for not coming on yesterday or the day before. I was sick and had TERRIBLE HEADACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  5. Hatapalooza, definitely! Also, when I came to your blog, the page was vibrating up and down out of control! Any idea why that's happening?



    1. Hmm...I have never heard about that glitch! I do not know why that happened.. I hope it doesn't do it again!


  6. hatapalooza is better because i only ave a couple hundred gems all the time DX

  7. Awe I miss hatapalooza I really wanted it to come back :(
    - rascalcat

  8. I really love the hat event, it was fu until i deeleted all my items and got scammed! It is still pricey for the den event :I pinky522


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