Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow Cannon + Double Elimination

Jamaa News

Hello Jammers! The Jam Mart Furniture Store has returned Snow Cannons to it's shelves.....
Fun item..we still have a lot of winter items to come, like the Snow Machine, Frozen Bush, or even the Dog Sled.
The Daily Explorer posted an article about Stingrays...
Stingrays are a very cool, but sometimes dangerous animal. What if they were an underwater animal in Jamaa? Maybe it would give new excitement to the underwater lands.

Did You Know?

The "Did You Know?" segment is one of my favorite segments because they are just fun little facts about Jamaa. Did you know that when it is winter in Jamaa, you can walk on rivers? The first photo is me on the other side of the Sol Arcade. The second picture is behind Club Geoz. When the river isn't frozen you usually can't go up that high! These are just some fun winter spots to hang in Jamaa.

Sky News

Baron ArcticWolf has been eliminated. Today is a Double Elimination!
Comment Call: Vote 2 jammers out!

I hope there is an update tomorrow.
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I vote Infinity ArcticClaw and Sparkle PrettyGem out. Sorry guys!

  2. I vote Commander Thecheetah and Professor Bravescout out! Sorry guys:3

    YESS! UPDATE TOMMOROW! I hope that they'll have the Ice-den.... But they'll probably get rid of the Christmas items:(


  3. I vote out Blooming tinyspirit and Infinity ArticClaw out. Sorry! Good job though! :)


  4. Sparkle prettygem and rosy daisyflower

  5. I vote Proffesor Bravescout and Blooming Tinyspirit. SO SORRY!
    I love your looks though! ;P

  6. i vote proffessor amd commandor

  7. Replies
    1. probaly tomorrow

    2. Hopefully tomorrow!! *Crosses Fingers*


  8. I vote professor brave scout and blooming tiny spirit

  9. I vote professor brave scout and Commander TheCheetah


  10. Commander Thecheetah and Enchanted Magicpaw is who I vote.

  11. rosy and professer

  12. proffecer and commandor, so so so hard to pick I love you all, you sure put a lot of work in them, so best luck to you all!

  13. I vote out enchanted magic paw because her look is too plain.
    I vote out blooming because its a little to girly.

  14. I vote Professor Bravescout and Sparkle Prettygem out. Sorry! You're looks were still jamtastic, though. :)

  15. MIss Fasttiger and Enchanted Magicpaw

  16. I am new here I will start commenting tomorrow.


    PS that is how i sign off

    1. Welcome to the Animal Jam Sky Blog! I am Scooter (the owner/author). I hope you find friendly faces here. Thanks!


  17. i vote out professor brave scout and infinity arctic paw..
    hard to pick you are so good!!


  18. Sparkle Prettygem and commander the cheetah, sorry.


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