Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Jamaa News

Hello Jammers! The Jam Mart Furniture Store has released new Skis...
Skis on Make A Gif

The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Rare Item Monday...
 It goes great with the Rare Spartan Helmet!

Epic Sky Den

Congrats, dietcherry you are this week's Epic Sky Den! I love your volcano plant theme... it is a Lava Farm! 
Remember, each week I sneak into one of your dens and take a picture. Then you will be featured on Tuesday and on the Epic Sky Den Page!

Sky News

Rosy Daisyflower is voted back in! Congrats!
Comment Call: Vote a jammer out!

More Blogs Tab updated!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. 1st comment :)
    I vote out infinity, sorry your outfit rocks but u should have something on your head. Also I love the lava farm, and today's skis are cool! Especially since I'm going skiing next week :D


  2. Aww when I was typing u posted a comment XD lol Alice


  3. i vote out infinity arctic claw sorry you outfit is good but abit mismatch good try tho.


  4. Infinity Arcticclaw, sorry


  5. Enchanted magicpaw it is too plain i would reccomend replacing the sword with a bow and arrow!

  6. Yay congrats daisy flower :D


  7. I vote infinity out, because I don't really like the spiked collar. Sorry! Rares just aren't my thing!

  8. I am so soz but i vote Mighty Fastwolf out. im really sorry i luv the bow and everything but.. well.. idk i guess its just not to my liking! XD

  9. Thank you for letting me be the Epic Sky Den for this week! I really appreciate it:3
    Well, the contest is going G-R-E-A-T sofar! I'm going to have to vote out Miss Fasttiger because well, I'm not a fan of tigers. And SKIIS!?!?!? YESSSSS I SO PREDICTED THEM!:D Well gotta go, have fun and happy jamming!


  10. Infinity Arcticclaw. It is still a very awesome outfit though!

    As for yesterday's twist, thank you all for voting me back in :)

  11. Enchanted MagicPaw. No offence it's just I did ene mene mine mo and you turned up - still a cool outfit!

  12. hey scotter, can we vote out rosy today? -hides behind something so rosy doesn't see

  13. Will i win attualyy??? Hi I am Snowflake Frozenfox once again. It seems like everyone likes my clothes! wow thx alot. I really think it is nice XD hav fun XD

  14. I vote Infinity ArcticClaw out.... Sorry! Your outfit is very good, I just don't think it looks that good...the gauntlets look big.

    1. Oh my usernaem is Faolan64322

  15. I vote Infinity Arcticclaw out. So sorry!
    Nice new item! And awesome epic sky den!

  16. Infinity arctic claw


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