Monday, January 27, 2014

Rare Flippers + Plaques

Hey Jammers! The Rare Item Monday is Rare Flippers on the second page of the Bahari Bargains catalog...
Price: ***
Jamaasian: *
This weeks rare item wan't the best in my opinion. Anyway, there is a new video in the Aquarium...

The Daily Explorer posted an article about Chatting...
I highlighted the middle part because the words were invisible on the Daily Explorer.

Have you ever wondered about plaques, and how to earn them? Well, this is the post for you!

AJHQ Plaque
You can earn this from your den being featured on the Daily Explorer or you send an actual letter to AJHQ (not an email).

Artist Plaque
You receive this if your artwork is shown on Jammer Central.

Howl Plaque
If your Howl is shown on Jammer Central, you can get this plaque.

AJ News Crew Plaque
If you win a News Crew Contest you will be part of the News Crew and you get this plaque.

Online Safety Plaque
This is the easiest one to get. If you get 100% on the Online Safety Quiz you will receive this plaque. (The Online Safety quiz is in the Chamber of Knowledge and in the Conservation Museum.)

Video Plaque
You can get this plaque if you ask Tierney or Brady a question, and they answer it through a video.

Ruby the Rhino added to the Alphas Tab
1 More Day to vote on the Polls!
The Sky Blog's Friendship Festival is coming soon!!
Have fun and happy jamming!

Comment Call: Ideas I should do in honor of Friendship Festival? (I am already doing a contest, but should I make a video, have a fashion show, etc. What should I do?)


  1. YAY!!! first comment
    i think a fashion show because there so so much fun!!.


  2. a random quiz plus a fashion show


  3. You should do a common thing I think is most best, a dance! In my school they have a dance and (disgusting word alert!) you need a DATE. If you have a dance, everyone wins! Just saying, it would be nice to have one. Oh and you posted late, why? Lol

    1. I also forgot to say something off-topic, there is a reason why items take so long to come out. AJHQ has to animate it, show how it looks on animals, and how the actions affect the item. Thats why it takes so long to have an animal or item come out.

  4. i think you sould do a video maybe, but don't to the faishon show again try something new!

  5. u should do a video and a party! and i was wondering if u do do the video could i be in it? because of me not being able to get on last time. just a idea!

    lol89762 =)

  6. AJHQ should make a rare bow for a monday rare, its not like other bows, its a curved bow, it would be in any colors, it would look like cupids bow. And its should be for everyone.

  7. Wish the rare items could be for non members too :p

  8. Umm, I noticed while on Hard mode on Return of the Phantoms that the Artic Wolf passage was gone . . .

    - 3711

    1. Don't worry! It has not! It is on the other side of the gate now! ;3

  9. You know what, scooter? If your opinion isn't nice, then don't say anything!! What if a person who like those flippers read that?! They would be very sad!!


    1. Scooter said, "in my opinion." if its his OPINION then how is it offensive? Everyone has different opinions and you shouldn't be offended by an opinion unless its something rude about you.

    2. I am very sorry "julian2" which I know you are not the real julian2, if I offended you by saying "This weeks rare item wan't the best in my opinion."...which is not offensive at all. Sorry anyway? I am kind of confused on how it is offensive.


  10. Comment Call: I think you should do another fashion show, but maybe jammers have to dress for Valentine's Day, and/or you could set up a friendship party somewhere at a certain time for your followers to go to.


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