Saturday, January 25, 2014

Furry Hats

Hi Jammers! Have you been wanting a new hat lately? Well, the Jam Mart Clothing Store has came out with Furry Hats...
Wow, another member item. Nonmembers haven't had much attention lately. Sorry guys!
There is a new video in Brady's Theater...
More of a personal video, but still interesting!
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the World Map...
How do you like the 2 new buttons? Easier, right?

The Glitch Corner for this week is a little 3-step slideshow on how to stand on the Entry Pool in the Aquarium. Enjoy!
Probably the easiest glitch ever ^-^

3 more days to vote on the polls!
Faolan64322 won yesterday's Discover Day, Congrats!
I hope everyone has a great day in Jamaa. ^.^
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: Which pet is the best one and why?


  1. What about Blu the Monkey? Have you forgot about him?

    1. No, I haven't ^.^ I will do another issue tomorrow!


  2. I think that hampsters are the best!
    1. They're simple and cute
    2. They are for all jammers!

    1. Agreed, FINALLY non members can have pets of their own to play and decorate the den for! They're also a classical pet that is still here as a tread that lasted throughout the ages.

  3. I think the owl pets and the joey pets are the best!
    1.They are CUTE
    2.They look good beside every animal and every den!
    3.The owls are so funny in the Play As Your Pet Party! Lol

    1. >.< I'm still not used to the year 2014 everywhere.

  4. I personally can't decide between Humming birds and Joey's...

  5. AJHQ is just releasing all the member-only items first, and afterwords, they'll release all-Jammer items. They did this last year.

  6. i know a glitch similar to that scooter, first , go to jamaa township, second go in front of the door way to sol arcade, third start changing animals and run in sol arcade , and viola, ur standing on sol arcade!

    ~hp17 (please give me credit for this if u do a post on it)

  7. Oh ya ive done that glitch before hp17. Comment Call: i think owls are the best pets because they are adorable. Also... Im i the only one who thinks that when you click on a fox pet they do a weird thing? Isnt it the Big Bad Wolf that blows down houses... Not the Big Bad Fox??

    1. Sorry i meant am i not im i. Lol :-)

  8. well, the iteam is O.K.


  9. The best pet is the owl, because they are so darn cute, and they drop a item and come back to get it when u click it, it's so cute how they play XD



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