Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lots of News!

Jamaa News

Hello Jammers! The Jam Mart Furniture has released Big Pine Trees...
Looks like something from Dr. Seuss! 
The Daily Explorer posted an article about Ask Tierney...
Otters do hold hands when they float in the waters, so when they take naps they don't go apart from each other ^.^

Did You Know?

Did you know that the initials S.B.I. are hidden in Jamaa? For example, in the Hot Cocoa Hut S.B.I. is on the two cocoa bags. S.B.I. stands for Smart Bomb Interactive, which is the creator company for Animal Jam.

Sky News

New Title Background!
Post labels coming soon!
New "Scooter" Label on every post!
2 New Polls on the right column!
Remember today is the last day to purchase the Clearance Items
Jamaa Journal releases tomorrow!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call:  What is your favorite Disney movie and why?

P.S. I don't know if anyone knows this, but Kinyonga has decided to quit Animal Jam. She was a great owner of many blogs like the Animal Jam Times. I am sad to see you leave, but you did great Kinyonga!


  1. I read her blogs and I'm so sad for her to leave also :( Also great post today love the Scooter Label


    1. My favorite Disney movie is frozen of corse!

  2. The Scooter name tag looks awesome! I never knew that otters hold hands when floating..

  3. Right now I would have to say Frozen. It was just amazing, the animatition was perfect. And I love the song "Do you wanna build a snowman?"

  4. i would have to say ratatouille its really nice frozen seems to be good, i haven't watched it yet tho

  5. Disney. Disney. DISNEY. DISNEY. Disney is a big galaxy - with trillions of movies and different stories. It all started with one man - Walt Disney, that is! He had started with the great character Oswald The Lucky Rabbit - but Oswald had been SOLD to Universal Studios. Then Mickey was released! I love Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey! Oswald was returned to Disney in 2006.

    Anyway, my favorite movies are...

    Frozen (Conceal, don't feel)

    Toy Story (You Got A Friend In Me!)


  6. Scooter the signature label is so awesome :D I'm really glad tht ur so dedicated ^-^ !!!!

    My fav Disney movie would b secretariat. Horse racing movie too awesome to deny. Watched it about 13 times lol. If anyone didnt kno I'm obsessed with horses.

    And for kinyonga, I'm really sad tht she quit, her blog was so great :( but I guess not everyone will play aj forever.


  7. she returns on the 25th

    1. no she doesn't she just made a post that she quit and WONT return yeoh!!!

  8. Frozen! It is not about boys and girls kissing! It is about sister love!

  9. I love Pirates of the Caribbean! My family and I watched the whole seires, I love the humor, adventure, and that I can play it on the X-box in lego version! " I also love Finding Nemo.


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