Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hearts + Sign-Ups

Hello Jammers! The Jam Mart Furniture Store has released Heart Pathways....
I love this new item! It reminded me of the Candy Hearts that have sayings on them.
Yum! Yum! Yum! ^.^

It is time for Jammer of the Month Sign-Ups!
If so, Comment Below your user, and a reason why you should be Jammer of the Month.
The winner will be announced on February 1st, 2014.

Awesome Jammer Art added to the Art Mini Blog
Short post today because of no Jamaa Journal.
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. My username is RonenTheGamer, and think I should be Jammer of the Month for February because I'm kind to everyone. I accept all players, and I don't judge no matter what flaws you may have. Plus, I have a playful spirit!

    1. I would like to be jammer of the month because I try to be kind all the time and I am a Christian and I want to start a church! My user name is 3berrygirl send me a message if I won or lost please I won't mind if I'm not really good luck everyone!!!🐶

    2. My username is coolpapa70232 and i think i should be jammer of the month because i love this blog i love the stuff you do on here and i love animal jam i have been playing for 2 1/2 years now:)!


  2. my username is snowleopardcubs and i think i should be jammer of the month because i never, ever judge people, and i am very nice to all my buddies and jammers. I never say that they r unfair or a scam, and also i love this blog including the (blue the monkey) segment. you don't have to send me a gift but i will accept one anyways and will appreciate beig jammer of the mont.

  3. My username is avabug01. I am always a fair trader and ever since i found this blog I have loved it. I love valentines everything and Febuary is always perfecr XD I really dont care about gifts... my motto is dont be the jammer everyone wants to be, be thenjammer who makes them want to be themselves!

  4. My reason why I should be jammer of the month, is that there was a little jammer being bullied, and he was being accused of stealing an item. I came in, and told them to stop, because that was very mean, and then they bullied me aswell. So, we both buddies each other, and blocked and reported those bully Jammers, and just walked away and ignored them. That jammer is now my BEST buddy! I hope this gets me jammer of the month, because if I do, I don't care about the prize, I just care that people will trust me, and come to me if they have a problem ^-^. My username is flippy3141, and I hope I become jammer of the month! By the way, love your blog, scooter!

  5. i would be cool if animal jam sold jars with thoose little candy hearts!♥ i would l♥ve to be jammer of the mouth! i am very nice and love the the blog and look daily! my user is lol89762 =)

  6. Hey scooter im going for jammer of the month im really sorry i have not been commenting everyday i feel really bad im just really bizzy go jammers1

  7. I would like to be Jammer of the Month because I am a trustworthy friend, very kind, I treat EVERY Jammer with respect. I never scam, or even troll. I help every Jammer that needs it, and if someone is crying I make them laugh. I respect the Jamaasian Spirit, as much as Snowyclaw. Being Jammer of the Month is an honor, not a "make you famous" thing. Being Jammer of the Month is if you respect Jammers and Jamaa.

  8. Hey Scooter, loving to be hammer of the month, for no good reason but like Harry potter. :/

    1. As u can tell i love it too high five

    2. Go Harry Potter! Although I was chosen to be in Ravenclaw on every test I take . . .

    3. my user is marypoppinsrox and i should be jammer of the month because im kind and iv,e never scammed or hacked or been mean to anybody also ive been scammed 3 times which i was upset about since now im a non member because my headdress member and rare bow were scammed :(

  9. I am kitty5748 and I am entering 4 the jammer of the month because I have never scammed or pick on some1 and all I do on my aj videos is 4 the wellbeing and entertainment of all jammers NOT for me to become famous and rare just like julian 2 and bepper not that I don't like them but thats not the reason 4 my videos I have stopped ppl from bullying.Anyway I love this blog and if I am not nominated that is fine because its not about the fame its about the jammer inside!

    1. julian2s just greedy he gets rid of normal stuff and keeps the rares BUT HE DOESNT EVEN WEAR THEM THERES LOTS OF PEEPS WHO WANT HEADDRESSES AND SPIKES BUT HE DOESNT EVEN CARE! HES SO RATS ~marypoppinsrox aj~

    2. If he quit AJ then why didn't he do a BIG give away and clear his account? It's annoying really that people actually send those people items. WHY in the wide wide world would they? What would they have to gain by giving away their rare, betas, etc.? FIVE SECONDS ON YOUTUBE, is that REALLY worth is though? Why would they keep on sending even though he supposedly quit AJ? It's all a game though, I feel as if we need to get over it and accept its just a game while feeling this way. ARRGGGGG! WHY CAN'T I JUST MAKE UP MY MIND?!

  10. User: Ambert
    Reason: I like really love your blog! I check it out every single morning before school! I tell my buddies and they look on here too! Thanks!!!--Ambert--

  11. I really think i should be jammer of the really fair and i love feburary. I really dont care about gifts or rares at all

  12. User blueberryb
    Reason I try to stop every scammer I can find, I traded anon members coloured items . Also I love having fun in jamaa that's what it is all about.i also read your blog everyday

  13. Hello chocolate4050 my username is Lulukittens159 and i was wondering,can i be jammer of the month?The reason i want to be jammer of the month because i have never scammed,hacked,or have been mean to somebody.If somebody has lost a rare that i have i give it to them.I am a good jammer and i have never been banned.I log on animal jam everyday for the new items that i like to collect.I have my own blog but its not popular like yours.I just want people to know me better.So can i be jammer of the month?

  14. User: 3711
    Reason: Actually I'm zoehipster and I'm putting in a good word of my friend 3711. I want to see that she's not nothing and that she gets some recognition for everything she does. She actually is a good Jammer and others think so too. I'm writing this in the bare light of truth and I hope that you believe me. She has never scammed, hacked, or tried to cheat people out of their items. She's been hacked many times before yet she always swallowed up my anger and went on trading fair and help out others. She stand up for other Jammers who might not being treated fairly and help out some others who might not being feeling okay. She stand up for members when some non-members are ranting about them and she stand up for non-members when some members aren't being totally fair to them. She help give advice to new Jammers and welcome them to AJ. She give tips on the Journey Book pages and help some Jammers find items and better ways to earn gems. She does some role-playing when there is a "lone new born kit (or cub)" and currently helping a new AJ buddy through a hard time. I totally understand if you don't believe any of this but I just hope you can choose her because she's the bestest friend in the world and a great sister to me. I also totally understand if you don't believe that we're sisters (real life) but I just hope she gets recognized!

    - zoehipster

  15. user:yeoh123
    reason:i dont scam or swear i read this blog every day even if i don't play aj i will never quit AJ EVER in my life and i love this blog :]

  16. User: HGHanimallover
    My reason: my friend is a nonmember and for her birthday I got her a animal jam membership and am planning on getting her a epic plushie bunny because that is her favorite. I never scam, have fun parties, and try to help other jammers out. When I see a jammer being bullied, I step in and report them and tell the bully to back off. Have a fun day in jamaa

  17. Hi Chocolate! Get ready for a long story XDDDDDD...

    Why I should be Jammer of the month...
    1. I read your blog every day
    2. I comment on your blog every day
    3. I try to be the bestest jammer I can be
    4. I help other Jammers out
    5. I go on AJ every day
    6. I once stopped a scammer
    7. I send you gifts
    8. I am your buddy
    9. I wake up at 6:00 in the morning for school, have to leave home at 7 to get to school, get home at 4:30 then go to my diving practice for 3 and a half hours, do homework, and go on AJ and post on my blog IN ONE DAY!! Might as well call meh super Gal XD
    10. I send random Jammers gifts for no reason instead of recycling.. Lets rephrase that XD, Instead of getting gems, I give items to other Jammers for fun!
    11. I complement Jammers
    12. I'm someone get bullied, I stop it!

    So all in all, I'm just a super hero that is fun! So please make me jammer of the month! Btw it took me 10 minutes to write this comment lol :3

    See you in Jamaa!

    ~dreamcloud13 (animal jam dream blog)

  18. Good luck to all!
    It was fun to be the Jammer of the Month.
    See you soon again!

  19. the reason i should be the jammer of the month is
    1. i comment on every single one of your posts
    2. i use approprite word
    3. because i REALLY want to be and your blog
    4. i have 1 non-rare worn, 1 rare worn, 2 rare headdress

    you see? i would really be very happy!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    my username is CMO1st


    1. Why in the world would rares promote your chances of being jammer of the month? -.-

  20. SIlverstar012345
    1. one day i am going to start a blog named fire blog. No body steal this name of fire blog plz.
    2.i am a active member of animal jam and have a membership.
    3.i have been scammed 10 times

  21. Hey Scooter! I'd like to nominate my friend m0nkeygirl6 to be jammer of the month. She actually introduced me to your blog! She's a blogger too. She's really nice and fair. She's a member, but very pro-nonmember. Shes always trying to stop bullying when she sees it on AJ and warns others how to avoid being scammed so they dont loose things they worked hard for. (She learned the hard way and lost some good items).


    2. Thanks you KrazyCanuck!
      I think you sould be Jammer of the month because you do stuff like you are doing right now! XD
      You are nice, and you ALSO do all the things that you said I do!
      I think you do even more!

    3. What is her blog? I would really like to check it out.

  22. Hi sooter! Username: pinky522 Reason: i really love ur blog and im new, i have been a jammer, and have been nice to ppl this month! Can u add me? Thx! Comment below if u play wolfquest

  23. Username: rascalcat
    Reason: I have never ever won anything in my life and I am always nice and have never scammed and I buy colored things for nms
    And I was scammed recently and my mom shit down my blog and I would really like some publicity
    And I read the blog everyday

    And this upcoming month, February is my bday month and it would be a great present to be a jammer

  24. Hi!
    I'd like to be jammer of the month, because, well...
    To say the truth...
    Just because. I mean, I think I'm nice, and I think I'm appropriate, and I look at this blog everyday, (I don't comment that often though.) Even though I do that, I wouldn't say that... For me, just being nice and looking at this blog isn't enough to be the jammer of the month. But, I don't have any other good reason to be jammer of the month.
    So let's just leave it at this:
    Why not be jammer of the month? Why not sign up? The worst that can happen is that I won't be jammer of the month.
    (I'm not just trying to be modest. Well, maybe I am... But whatever.) :)
    My username is airlec02. c:

    1. Also, I don't scam, and when I see a bully, I do my best to stop the bully. I don't scam, and I've been both scammed and hacked before. (Well, these aren't the best reasons, but they're the reasons I have.) :)

  25. I would like to be jammer of the month because I love this blog! 5 stars!

  26. User : planetbunny
    Reason: Idk if i can do this... I nominate my sister(real life), planetbunny, for Jammer of the Month because she is one of the nicest ppl i know. She has never scammed--she wouldnt dream of doing that to another jammer. She is very fair and helps eveybody. Also, February is her birthday month!! I thought this would be cool for her to be Jammer of the Month during her birthday. She is nm, btw.
    -- littlearticpaw1
    Ps. -- u may not recognize her user, and that is because she rarely comments. In fact , i think she has commented twice since we found this blog ( mid December) but she looks at ur posts often and when she cant i tell her whats happening. She appriciates ur work and time spent on the blog, and i honestly believe she would be thrilled and overjoyed to be Jammer of the Month. Thanks for reading this long comment and for putting her into consideration, Scooter!!

  27. user missdarlingjammer
    reason. because i love this blog i spead good worn about it and look and comment on it every day.

  28. I would love to be jammer of the month for Febuary! ( In January I commented to be the jammer of the month but I said someone else could. Then I said I'd try for Febuary!) So I'm trying to be jammer of the month for Febuary! XD
    I love this blog a lot. :P More than I love my blog! I am followed, I like to comment on these type of things, even if I am not wanting to be a part.

    Also, I was wondering if you would like to be a part of my anti-scam team! ( lol this is the perfect time to bring this up! XD) I am working on a page on my blog about scamming and how to prevent from getting scammed. I look around for scammers in Jamaa and try to help the others who the scammer is trying to scam. :D

    Also, can you do another one of those Best Dressed things? Last time I didn't fully understand so I didn't enter, but now I understand and would love to be a part of it if you did another!

    Oh and I am...
    ( XD )

  29. My username is sparklegirl252. I am a loyal follower of this blog, and wish I could meet you on animal jam! You and the blog are epic! I am brand new member, and I would really love to be featured on this blog! Thank you so much for making this blog, its helped me to understand a lot about Jamaa! Love, sparklegirl252
    Pleasem ake me jammer of the month!

  30. I would like to be jammer of the month, because I am a very loyal and trustworthy friend, no matter how shy I can sometimes be! Also, I only report people who have scammed me, because you could be wrong to think that someone had scammed someone. And I NEVER accuse anyone of scamming and I NEVER EVER scam myself. I always try to do the right thing!

  31. I would love to be jammer of the month.Ever since i first saw this blog i have wanted to be jammer of the month.I do giveaways when i have extra items, and if a non member really wants something colored i will get it for them (i might have to get gems first though:).
    Yours truly,
    <3 sweetbabbyseal505 <3


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