Saturday, July 22, 2017

History of AJ's Birthday

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Today is Saturday, June 22nd, 2017.

It is another SPECIAL POST Saturday. The topic of this Special Post is about Animal Jam's Birthday, and more specifically Animal Jam's Birthday Parties.
So sit back and relax, and read this interesting post about the History of AJ's Birthday!

History of Animal Jam's Birthday
Every year in September, AJHQ has thrown a Birthday Party. The official date of Animal Jam's birthday is September 13th, 2012. This may seem strange to some jammers because it is actually the marked as the first day after the Beta Testing Period. It is not the date that Animal Jam began with the start of the Beta Days.

AJ Birthday Party
Near September nearly all jammers attend the AJ Birthday Party as it appears on the Party List. This party is celebrated at an exotic location: A GIANT BIRTHDAY CAKE.
*Credit: CheesyPotatoes
There are also ice cream scoop rolling hills, ice cream sundae mountains, and cookie fields. Every year a different number is featured at the very top of the cake.

*Fun Fact: The cake used to be purple, until it was changed to a tan/yellow color in 2014.*

Birthday Presents
The AJ Birthday Party contains three shops: a clothing shop, music shop, and furniture shop. The clothing shop contains Alpha Charm Necklaces:

The music shop contains one song titled "Birthday Bash":

Finally, the furniture shop contains tons of bronze statues:

New statues for new animals are added every year. These have always been some of my favorite items!

Party Features
The party also features many attractions, including when a player walks on the cake, a pile of cake surrounds your animal. There are also random clickable items that are able to hover next to your animal, such as a slice of birthday cake.

Animal Jam Birthday Cakes
Over the course of the six years, we have seen a variety of birthday cakes. These birthday cakes are available through promotional codes. The codes have been AJBDAY with the following years of brithdays. For example, AJBDAY6. These cakes have interesting effects. You have to click the exact spot for the effect to take place. For instance, if you click the purple tent on the 3rd Birthday Cake, penguins slide down the mountain.

It will certainly be interesting to visit the 7th Birthday Party, and to see what the 7th Birthday Cake will be designed like. Celebrate Animal Jam's Birthday this September! Happy Birthday Animal Jam!

You DO NOT want to miss this VERY important announcement tomorrow.

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Cool Post! Still worried/nervous for tomorrow's post.

  2. Cool! I haven't been to the birthday party yet, but it really sounds like fun! SO MUCH ICE CREAM!!!

  3. This is a cool post! Wouldn't the cake get all yucky if everybody was walking in it? Just a thought. Also does anyone know when Sir gilberts palace will come out again?

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