Monday, July 17, 2017

Mech Angel Helmet

Hello Sky Jammers!
Today is Monday, July 17th, 2017.

Unfortunately, I am having some internet issues this morning, so I cannot post about the Rare Item Monday, New Item of the Day, and New Video of the Day....

I hope you all will be able to find them! The Rare Item Monday is usually in the middle of the Jam Mart Clothing catalog. The New Item of the Day should be in either the Jam Mart Furniture Store or Diamond Shop. Finally, the New Video of the Day should be in one of Jamaa's theaters.  Luckily, I had the rest of the post prepared for you! 

Each Monday a new masterpiece is nominated as Masterpiece of the Week.

The Masterpiece of the Week is from Merrycat...
Congratulations, and thank you for this great masterpiece! Your masterpiece will be shown off on the left-side column and has been posted on the Animal Jam Sky Art Blog.

Want your masterpiece to be Masterpiece of the Week? Comment username and which masterpiece! 

Every Monday, we analyze an item under the Item Spotlight.

The Item Spotlight shines on Mech Angel Helmet...

The Mech Angel Helmet is a Beta item that was sold during the Beta Testing Period for 250 gems, which is surprisingly expensive for the Beta Days. During this time, there were only four color variations of this item. In 2011, four new colors were added to the inventory. It is unfortunately now a members-only item.

A Rare version of this item was released in May of 2012. Also, a freedom version is sometimes released during the Freedom Day celebration. Like many items, you can win this in the Forgotten Desert adventure.

Rarity: ***** (5/5 Stars)
Status: Land, Members
Rare Version: Yes
Popularity: **** (4.5/5 Stars)

Have an item you want to learn more about? Please comment it below!

We have a Special Post coming this Wednesday and this Saturday! Here is the preview of what this Wednesday's Special Post will be about...
Don't miss the Special Enchanted Earth Post in two days!

Also, you will not want to forget to check back on the Animal Jam Sky Blog on July 23rd...

There will be a very BIG announcement.

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. The rare item is rare nunchucks located in epic wonders

  2. Okay, I'm still nervous for the post on Sunday! I hope your not quitting:(

  3. I'm nervous for the big announcement, that otter doesn't look happy.... D:

  4. Yay special post! But the big announcement seems bad.

  5. The rare nunchucks cost 4,500 gems

  6. oh no!!! Nooo i hope its not ur quitting otter looks pouty :(

  7. OH i forgot that is blu the monkey's birthday!!!!!!!

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