Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Enchanted Earth

Have you ever heard of Animal Jam Enchanted Earth?
Probably not...

Enchanted Earth is an unreleased toy line from Animal Jam.
In early February 2015, Animal Jam announced a toy and plush line called Enchanted Earth: Series 1. Wildworks, the creators of Animal Jam, made a deal with a toy company called Commonwealth Toy & Novelty. Wildworks was formerly known as Smart Bomb Interactive. The major deal was very exciting as Animal Jam has never had a full toy line, other than the Sidekix Plushies and Outfitters Apparel.

This deal gave Animal Jam the opportunity to extend its presence into the real world. Patrick Callan, an author for the website Kidscreen, says it was meant "to extend the experience offline, and connect with the brands' growing popularity in international markets..." (Read the Full Article here).

Enchanted Earth: Series 1 introduced five new characters, similar to the well-known characters referred to as the Alphas. In fact, the fox character had a full profile release online. The pink fox is known as Naya. Naya is a curious animal who loves to socialize and party. Her full profile can be seen here:

The Enchanted Earth: Series 1 was just the first toy line to be released, with plans to further venture out into Series 2, Series 3, and so on. I wonder what the other Series would look like, I am thinking that the designs would be Earthy. Maybe Series 2 would feature animals, such as a raccoon or tiger, and a different effect, like leaves or wind.

The master plan, if everything followed through, was to have a full release of the toy line by Fall 2015. They also wanted their target audience to be girls aged seven to eleven. However, plans did not follow through. It is still not quite confirmed on what all happened to the plan. It might have fallen through due to financial reasons, services reasons, location reasons, or something completely different.

Many jammers became even confused when the Spring Bunny was released at the same time the Enchanted Earth toy line was announced...

The Spring Bunny is a regular bunny with a flower effect, which does look similar to an Enchanted Earth animal. However, it was confirmed that this has nothing to do with the Enchanted Earth series. The Spring Bunny was a limited-time membership gift with a membership gift card purchase.

Regardless, it seems that the Animal Jam has made different decisions with their toy line, and possibly better decisions. Today, Animal Jam toys can be seen at Walmart, Toys R' Us, and many other stores across the United States. These toys are selling successfully, and jammers love them because all toys come with exclusive online prizes. Animal Jam is certainly headed in the right direction to grow its presence in the online gaming and toy market.

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. And then they release ththe underwear...

  2. Very interesting! I've always wondered what happened to Enchanted Earth.

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    Well, one of my friends told me that last time before you quit, the backround was all the viewers.. and.. I think that might be why you needed us to send you pictures of our avatars... and.. the announcement didn't look too good..
    If you are going to quit..
    Please don't.
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  5. Very interesting!

  6. Scooter if you do quit,I will miss you!

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