Friday, July 21, 2017

Graham's Observatory

Hey Jammers!
Today is Friday, July 21st, 2017.

AJHQ has been working very hard on the newest update. It has a new animal, new adventure, new pet, new den, and much more...

Another Wild Weekend has entered Jamaa, and it is all about my favorite Alpha, Graham the Monkey.

The items can be seen above, and remember to buy them before they leave on Sunday!

Graham is the last alpha to receive a den, and it is called Graham's Observatory...

You an purchase one of your own for 7 Diamonds in the Diamond Shop now.

These are so CUTE ^-^

Pet Koalas are now available in the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds.

Another Christmas in July is underway. On July 24th to July 28th, the Jamaaliday Jam will begin, and Christmas will enter Jamaa for a short period of time.

Join the newest Alpha, Tavie in this water/land adventure for ALL JAMMERS....

An Island is guarded by ancient Tiki Statues, when the phantoms attack again! Hopefully, I will upload prizes for you soon.

Well, it was down to Flamingos or Geckos, and it looks like we are getting Flamingos! The gecko in the picture was just to divert our attention! I can't wait to see these awesome birds enter Jamaa, and I have reason to believe that they might be nonmember.

On August 3rd, Otters will once again be leaving sadly. Come back soon Otters!

Mystic Armor is now available in the Diamond Shop for a 5-piece set.

The final page is a simple advertisement for a back to school lunchbox and backpacks!

The Secret Showroom item found on the Epic Dens List is...

An Antique Table. Meh... ok -.- Out of all the cool items in that den they have to pick an Antique Table for 750 gems.

Tomorrow, we will have another Special Post! This special post will be about...
The History of the Animal Jam Birthday! Find out more about how jammers and AJHQ celebrate this special annual event in the life of Jamaa. NOTE: Blu the Monkey: LIVE ACTION will be delayed to later in the week because of this special post.

A Big Announcement will happen in two days...
I know that a lot of you have been asking, and asking, and asking some more about what this BIG announcement is all about. Trust me, it will all be revealed this Sunday.

REMINDER: Check back later today for more information about the update!
Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Wait, maybe your not quitting cause you said Blu the Monkey Liveaction will be delayed to later on in the week...

  2. Here's my guesses:
    One: Your quitting (WHICH I DOUBT)
    Two: You're getting married irl???
    Three: Your moving?
    Four: You work for AJHQ
    Five: Your work for snowyclaws blog??

    1. one: I dont think so
      two: That wouldn't be bad o.o XD
      three: I guess that would be bad
      four: That would not be bad
      five: that wouldn't even close be bad


    Hope this isn't too late
    (for the Sky Blog project thingamajig)


  4. Guys, whatever the announcement is..
    I dont thik its good D:

  5. DONT QUIT!!! Also FLAMINGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Idk what is going on with the big announcement, but I hope it's not bad

    Great update info!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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