Saturday, February 25, 2017

Spring Items + Finals

Hey Jammers!
Today is Saturday, February 25th, 2017.

A New Page has been added to the Jamaa Journal...

NEW ITEM will be in the Diamond Shop every day for 12 DAYS! Yay :3
Yesterday's items were Spring Elf Tail Armor and a Spring Flower Braid...

These are so awesome, I hope you got them yesterday.

Today's new items are a

Wow, AJHQ is going all out for the early spring!

The RARE ITEM in the SUMMER CARNIVAL has finally arrived...

Pick up this nonmember rare TODAY ONLY!

The New Item of the Day can be found in the Jam Mart Clothing Store...
Buy a  for  gems. Here are the colors:

Also, in the Jam Mart Furniture Store, you can purchase...
A Clover Fountain for 550 gems. I love this item.
There were a lot of grrreat items released today, so go shopping!

Blu Comic Issue

The Blu the Monkey Comic Book is the Animal Jam Sky Blog's plushie comic series. New issues are released every Saturday, and are about Blu the Monkey and his adventures in Jamaa.

The New Comic Book issue has arrived...
Open up and read the comic book by clicking on the cover above!
Issue #70 - "Navigating the Others"
Description: A surprising familiar figure returns to the Alpha Headquarters after being kidnapped, and now Blu, with the help of some old friends, must try and find where he came from in order to find the others. 

Comment Call: Did you like this issue? Comment your thoughts below!

Sky News

SuperCat has been eliminated from the final three in the Pet Fashion Show competition...
There are just two pets left in the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Pet Fashion Show competition. You will decide the winner. Right here. Right now. Comment below, jam-a-gram me, or write on my jammer wall your vote on who should be the winner. Good luck to the contestants!

Comment Call: Comment below who you want to WIN!

Boomer the Kangaroo Alpha has been added to the Alphas Page...
Click the image above to read about this minor alpha!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I just love the nm head bow! I vote Frostyblush as the winner!!

  2. I vote out tator tot, sorry! YES! MORE BLU!!!!!

  3. Frosty blush should be the winner!

  4. Umm, I vote myself, if that is allowed. XD

  5. Tatertot is a finalist???? Hooray! I have been on vacation for a long time so i havent checked. I hope he wins! I'm sure he would be so happy! :)

  6. Hello, Scooter-? Is it alright if I 'borrow' that image of yours for Spring items batch #1? I will link it back to your blog, of course. Thanks.

  7. I vote for Frosty Blush to win.

  8. That rare item looks so cool!!
    I vote for Frostyblush.

  9. Omg I just learned today that Scooter came back. I remember the post when he said he was quitting AJ. Very professional blog but the AJ community has most moved to YouTube.

  10. I vote for Frostyblush to win XD

  11. OOOOOOOOH. I didn't realize we had to vote for who wins. I vote fir FrostyBlush to win. Sorry about the mistake!

  12. Hey Scooter, can my masterpiece be featured as the masterpiece of the week? Just go to my den and click on my black wolf masterpiece. Thanks!

    1. I will certainly add your Masterpiece to the list!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)


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