Tuesday, February 28, 2017

1,000 Accessory Slots

Hello Jammers!
Today is the last day of February, Tuesday, February 28th, 2017.

The New Spring ONE-DAY ONLY items are a Spring Glove and a Spring Baby Bonnet...

There has been a glitch today where the Baby Bonnet never shows up! See for yourself.
Buy these in the Diamond Shop for today only!

The New Item of the Day in the Jam Mart Store is a Clover Tie...
Purchase this for 400 gems. Here are the colors:

Also, in Outback Imports...
...pick out a Leprechaun Gnome for 500 gems!

On Instagram, there have been clues that AJHQ is making...

1,000 Clothing Inventory Slots, just like the den slots, for members!
We will have to see on Thursday if this is truly coming.

Epic Sky Den

The Epic Sky Den is the Tuesday segment on the Animal Jam Sky Blog, where I choose a den that is designed very well, and display it on the blog. Their den idea also goes into the Epic Sky Dens Hall of Fame.

The Epic Sky Den of the Week is Delyan's den...

Bumblebee Garden

Congratulations on your idea of a nice bumblebee garden! Go to their den now to see the full layout, and even make a bumblebee garden of your own. Delyan's den has been added to the Epic Sky Dens Hall of Fame.

Comment Call: Do you want your den to be an Epic Sky Den? Comment below!

Sky News

The Jammer of the Month and Pet of the Month Sign-Ups for March are today:
Comment Call: Sign-Up by commenting below on this post, and tell your buddies to sign up too! If you have already been Jammer/Pet of the Month or if you don't want to be Jammer/Pet of the Month, you can suggest a buddy by commenting their user name below instead.
The Jammer of the Month will receive a prize, and both will be displayed on the blog all March long.

The Poll on the right-side column has ended. Here are the results:
It looks like there will be a PARTY coming soon! I will post about it within the week, and I am planning on having it soon so keep your eyes peeled! Since New Page was in second place, I have been working on creating a new page. Details coming soon...

A New Poll has been added on the right-side column.

A New Wallpaper and Background is Coming Tomorrow!
It will be Lucky Day themed ^o^

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I vote my good friend, Swirlshine for Jammer of the Month. She writes amazing posts on her blog, Weekly Jammer News. ^-^

  2. I would like my pet SirChaser for Pet of the month!

    (Btw, i got a new blogger profile!)

  3. I vote for myself to be Jammer of the month, my username is Gfox0! I haven't been one yet :)

  4. I nominate myself for Jammer of the Month! My user is zuzu1199. My reason for being JOTM is this:

    I was hanging out with one of my newer buddies, (knullruffs) when I tried to trade for her rare nerd glasses. She declined even over-fair trades, so I asked her what was going on. She said that those glasses were glitched, because the band in the middle was tan instead of white. I told her that those aren't glitched, you can just only get them from the Forgotten Desert. She was very upset, since she had been told it was glitched and traded all her best items for it. I felt bad for her, so I gave her my black short wristband. It was one of my favorite items, and I even had a custom masterpiece done of my pig wearing it. Still, it felt better to give it to her than to hoard it in my inventory.

  5. I'd like to nominate myself, Purplestarclub. It'd be a honour to be the Jammer of the Month on this blog. :D

  6. I nominate Purplestarclub and Swirlshine for Jammer of the month!

  7. And I nominate Fuzzyspider for pet of the month, his owner is Karalee!

  8. wow lots of comment calls. For Pet of the month i nominate My pet jokerphantom (btw i did a master piece of him could you look at it and tell me what you think of it? it's above the wolf throne in my den.)


  9. I would love to sign up to be jammer of the month! I am excited for th eparty and to see the contest entries in about a week.

  10. Jammer of the Month: I nominate myself :3. It'd be great to let people know I'm still in the blogging community ;)
    Pet of the Month: I nominate my pet Phantom Squishysprinkles!
    I'm Cheetah87516.


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