Sunday, February 19, 2017

Solid Gold Spikes

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the late-ish post, hope you forgive me!
Today is Sunday, February 19th, 2017.

Buy these two Solid Gold Spikes in the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds each!
I loved that Spike event, it was very fun! I hope AJHQ does it with other items, such as NEW Headdresses or NEW types of Betas, unlike old ones.

The New Item of the Day is a Vanity and Mirror....
Located in the Jam Mart Furniture Store, you can buy one today for 250 gems.

This Week

This Week in Jamaa's History:
The 1st Flying Animals, Eagles, were released!

Also, in February 2014, the game...
Swoopy Eagle was available to play for the first time!

This Week in the Animal Jam Sky's History:
In 2014, I released this video of the Lucky Party overview...
You can still watch this and many other videos on the Animal Jam Sky Videos Blog!

Sky News

TaterTot and Microgirl have both been eliminated from yesterday's Double Elimination Twist...
The Twists don't stop now!
Twist #2 - Vote a Pet for Immunity (safety until the final three)
Comment Call: Vote a Pet for Immunity

The secret message that nobody figured out is revealed today...
The Message was: LOGO CONTEST! That is right, Jammers. Tomorrow, you will have a chance to enter the Logo Contest. This contest is a bit different. You will design the ANIMAL JAM SKY BLOG's NEW LOGO. Find out more in tomorrow's post ;)

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. That's so cool! And I forgive u :3 in so glad your doing these fun events! I want fuzzy leapord and super cat to have immunity plz!

    1. Oops I read it wrong! I mean I vote for fuzzy leapord to have immunity

  2. I vote for Mirror Book to have immunity :)

  3. I vote Fuzzyleopard for immunity!

  4. I vote for FrostyBlush to have immunity till the final three. Another great week up and a great final post of this week.

    Booscare5 :)

  5. ooooooh it was a logo contest? I'm excited!!


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