Friday, February 17, 2017

Rainbow Spikes + Panthers

Hey Jammers!
Today is Friday, February 17th, 2017.

Grrreat update yesterday...
If you missed the HUGE update post click the image above to read.

The New Item of the Day is Arm Cuffs...
Purchase this item in the Jam Mart Clothing Store for 500 gems. Here are the colors:

The Spikes of the Day are Rainbow-Colored...

Be sure to purchase them today because tomorrow they will be gone!
I wonder if AJHQ will release a type of NONMEMBER spike? What do you think?

Don't forget to go to the Epic Den Showroom...

And find the new SECRET item located at the bottom...

It is a Seesaw for all jammers for 500 gems!

Did you know that when you click on the Masterpiece Party signs...

Peck now talks to you! Wow, we haven't really seen much of Peck lately.

Pet Hyenas are here, and below are the clothing options...

Lots of great items, including a jester costume, toadstool, and more, all for 200 gems!

Lions are on Sale in the Diamond Shop for the next two weeks...

Become a Lion today for only the price of 5 Diamonds.

Mystery of the Week

The Mystery of the Week is about the New Animal Coming Soon...

AJHQ has planted clues all over Jamaa hinting at the new animal. Can you find them?

In Sarepia Forest, there are Claw marks on the tree bark and footprints on the ground. The same prints and claw marks can also be found in other lands, such as Coral Canyons and Mt. Shiveer....
What animals live in these two settings, makes paw prints, and has claws?
Here are some predictions:

1. Black Panther
The #1 Prediction from jammers is that the new animal will be a panther of some sorts. Whether it is a blank panther, we are unsure. Panthers are known for their sharp claws and paw print tracks.

2. Bears
Bears certainly can live in the tundra and forest, and makes tracks similar to those found. Also, bears are known to scratch with their big claws and paws. What type of bear could it be?

3. Mountain Lions/Puma/Cougar
This mammal goes by many names: Mountain Lion, Puma, Cougar, and even Panther. Could it be one? I guess we will find out in the next update!

What do you think the new animal will be?

Sky News

SirWings has been voted out of the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Pet Fashion Show....

Sorry, good try! Who knows, you might be back if there is a twist.
Comment Call: Vote out another pet!

The Clearance Page has been updated...

Click the image above or here to see TONS of items on clearance.
Pick them up before they are gone!

A New Video is here about Scooter's Favorite Shops...
Watch the video above or view it on the Animal Jam Sky Videos Blog.

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Those animals were exactly the ones I was thinking! I doubt it's a mountain lion though because we already have lions, but you never know! I vote out Tatortot, sorry!

    1. Also, awesome video! Next you should do your favorite adventures!

  2. Gonna vote out... mirrorbook. Sorry:(

  3. I vote out Zippybee, sorryyy :(

    Remember, God made YOU!

  4. I would love it to be bears. I know grizzlies/brown bears mark trees with their claws like that. But I'd be okay with another felid as well!
    I vote out Tatertot.

  5. Really? Great! Sirwings was my best pet. A member gave me him/her. Poor him/her...

    Great post though... I think Zippybee has to be voted out. Its not really a great pet to be in the spotlight. Sorry whoever owns him/her.


  6. I was totally thinking mountain lion! I live in an area like Coral Canyons, and mountain lions are really common.The only thing is lions are in game and mountain lions aren't in the cold or forest. I think it is a bear. Great Post!

  7. good post, Scoot! I vote out zippyBee, sorry!


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