Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Heart Capes + Secret Items

Hello Jammers, this is the Animal Jam Sky Blog!
Today is Wednesday, February 1st, 2017.
Happy February! To celebrate, look at the new wallpaper and background!
I have LOTS of news for you today, so let's begin...

The New Items of the Day are Left and Right Heart Necklaces...

Buy one for you and one for your friend in the Jam Mart Clothing Store for 350 gems each.
Here are all of the colors..

Item Spotlight

The Item Spotlight of the Week shines on Heart Capes...
Ahh, Heart Capes! The beloved Friendship Festival item for members to cozy-up in. These soft items were introduced at a cheaper price during the first friendship festival in 2011...

Did you know that originally, the heart cape only had four colors, but more colors were added as the years went on?! I can't wait to get one of these nice warm items when it is released this year!

Rarity: ** (2/5 Stars)
Status: Members, Land
Rare Item: Yes (February 2015)
Popularity: **** (4/5 Stars)

Comment Call: Do you like heart capes? Do you think they are rare?

Sky News

A New Video has been added to the Animal Jam Sky Videos Blog..
Access this video and others by click here, or watch the video above about How to Get Secret Items.

Congratulations to the the Jammer of the Month, which is ja983....
and the Pet of the Month, Autumnwings....
You will be featured on the Blog for the whole month of February!
Also, you have been added to the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Hall of Fame.

Have you heard the news? Our virtual world neighbors, Club Penguin, are closing it's site...

Sadly, on March 29, 2017, Club Penguin will be shut down! They are shutting it down and replacing it with a new game called "Club Penguin Island."
Sad to see you go, but at least Animal Jam is still operating!

Do you like the New Wallpaper and Background? It is styled and decorated for the Friendship Festival! It will be like this all February.

You won't want to miss it!

Don't forget to check out the Masterpiece of the Day on the right hand column!
Thanks for reading, Jammers!
Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Wow! sad to see you go, Club Penguin! I LOVE the new background! I can't wait to snuggle up in a cape as well! Good job on the whole post! Your blog is so amazing :)

    1. And congrats Ja as well! Maybe I'll be jammer of the month next month! :)

  2. I love the new background! Also, I think the update will be today, according to AJHQ.

  3. The UPDATE is here! I will be talking ALL about it in TOMORROW's POST! You won't want to miss it ;)

    --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  4. Nice background! Aw, I used to play club penguin. It's sad to see it go:(

  5. I never played club penguin, but it's such an old game its sad to see it go.
    At least they're replacing it with a new game. Unlike how my beloved Bearville was just replaced with awful videos :\


  6. I had so many childhood memories on club penguin, i'm sad to see it go :(

  7. Well, you can't acutally play that much on Club Penguin without a membership, unlike Animal Jam, but that might change in 2017.


    My little rooster is the pet of the month! Yippeee! :D


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