Thursday, January 26, 2017

Den Portal Shop

Welcome to the Animal Jam Sky Blog!
Today is Thursday, January 26th, 2017.
Sadly, there is no update today, but there will be next Thursday!

The New Item of the Day is a Heart Scarf...
Purchase this item for 350 gems in the Hot Cocoa Hut of Mt. Shiveer.

Did You Know?

Since there is no Jamaa Journal today, I have decided to make another "Did You Know?" segment, this time about a mysterious store. Once a while back, there was a store that appeared in the Lost Temple where the window is at Brady Barr's Lab...
This was known as the Portal Store, where you could buy portals of all types and kinds. AJHQ decided to ditch the store and relocate the portal items in various places, such as the Jam Mart Furniture Store, Diamond Shop, Sunken Treasures, and the Chamber of Knowledge. Did you know that the Portal Store used to exist?

Sky News

Today are the Sign-ups for Jammer of the Month and Pet of the Month...
Submissions are due by the end of today, and the winners will be announce on February 1st, 2017!
If you have already been a Jammer of the Month, then you cannot sign-up for Jammer of the Month.
If you have already been a Pet of the Month, then you cannot sign-up for Pet of the Month.

Comment Call: Comment if you want to be Jammer or Pet of the Month!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I don't wanna sound stuck up if I say me! And also I miss seeing you on aj! I have a few gifts for you, and I'd like you to open them at Skymail or on your time! 😊

    1. Thanks, and thank you for commenting everyday! It really helps, and I wish everyone else comments more often :(

      I have been very busy lately, so I haven't had time to actually play Animal Jam. I got your gifts though, and will save them for the next Skymail episode!


    2. Awh, thanks! that means a lot :) And okay! I totally understand! I'm on break from school for a bit, and I try to comment when I'm on my breaks! (Although it's hard because her daughter watches me on my device...)

    3. Check out my blog ( I drew Blu art!

    4. Im sorry I haven't been commenting on every post! D: I have lots and lots of blogs to check, and sometimes I cant comment on all of them! And I think its also because school. I think school started again. Once its Summer or a vacation of sorts, you'll get your viewers/commenters back! :)

  2. I wish for my pet, Icypuppy the Phantom, to be the Pet of the Month. My username is lpslover98989.


  3. I wish for my sis (Ja983) to be Jammer Of The Month! She is a great friend and sibling! :D And for pet I ask for my friend Graciepopstar91's pet, Dainty Snake!

  4. :O When I saw the portal shop, I thought it was new XD
    Hmm... jammer of the month? I'm gonna go with Mfse! She's a great friend and a really nice jammer!!
    Pet of the month? I'm thinking of my pet honey bee, Yellowpup, who's cool for the summer, even though it's winter :P

  5. Awwww! I really, REALLY wanted to nominate my pet monkey Cloudybug for Pet of the Month, but my pet fox Honeywings already won once. :(
    -zuzu1199 (but my username is about to change to sofuzzy45)

  6. I nominate ja983 for jammer of the month! I hope one day in the future I could be one! (I've never been one lol) and also I mai glad the scarfs are back!

  7. For Jammer of the Month, I nominate my sister, Koolestkat! She's a great friend, always so sweet and caring. ^-^

    For Pet of the Month, I nominate my very own rooster, AutumnWings. My user is Lostfairy. ^.^

  8. I nominate myself (Cheetah87516) for Jammer of the month, and my pet Toyleopard the grasshopper for pet of the month! ^^;

  9. I nominate myself (Pinkiepie99021) for Jammer of the month. Thank you!

  10. I would like to try out for jammer of the month. My username is violet86271

  11. I would like to try for Pet of the Month.
    User : Nightfleet
    Pet's name : Pawsky (Rooster)

  12. Ooh, the portal shop. It's been a while, really.


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