Monday, June 5, 2017

Snow Leopards vs Foxes

Hello Jammers!
Today is Monday, June 5th, 2017.

Good news, my internet issues have been resolved, so lets get back to the new items and videos! First, take a look at the new items we missed on Saturday and Sunday:
You can buy all of the these great summer and end-of-the-year items at the Jam Mart Furniture Store and the Jam Mart Clothing Store.

The Rare Item Monday is a Rare Graduation Cap...
Purchase this in the Jam Mart Clothing Store for 1,450 gems.
Looks: *** (3/5 Stars)
Price: ** (2/5 Stars)
Jamaasian: * (1/5 Stars)

The New Video of the Day is "Why Do Elephants Live In Herds?"...
Watch this video now in the Brady Barr Theater.

Every Monday a new Masterpiece is nominated as Masterpiece of the Week.

The Masterpiece of the Week was drawn by spottyleopar...
Congratulations on being Masterpiece of the Week. This is based off of fish301's look. I would love if someone did my main snow leopard look ^-^ You don't have to though! Your Masterpiece has been added to the Animal Jam Sky Art Blog and will be displayed all week long on the left-side column.

I am looking for a Pixel Painting for next week's Masterpiece of the Week! Got one? Comment below!

Also, each Monday we look at a specific and pesky glitch in Jamaa.

The Glitch Corner is about Purchase Restrictions...
When new items are released, jammers flood to the stores to buy the item for themselves; however, this is sometimes not that easy. The pop-up box shown above sometimes appears. It says as follows: "This purchase can't be made right now. Try again." But, when jammers try again, it still doesn't work.

Recently, the Rare Item Monday the Rare Cheese Hat had expereienced this glitch...
This was a somewhat panic for some jammers because it was only available one day. It was soon fixed within hours. It has actually been happening for over a year...
Credit: World of Animal Jam
Check out the image above showing the same glitch happening to the Terrace Chair item. Here is how you can solve this glitch:

1. Click "OK" and Try Again
2. Exit out of the store and Try Again
3. Refresh the Page and Try Again

If these tips do not work, contact AJHQ. This helps them find out this is happening, so they can fix it. If the item still cannot be purchased, AJHQ will fix it soon.

Have a glitch that you have seen? Comment below!

Liza's Best Animal Tournament ENDS TODAY.
Here is the updated tournament bracket...
Look how far each animal species has journeyed. Look how far they have come. Snow Leopards and Foxes have made it to the FINALS. Snow Leopards have fought off Arctic Wolves, Raccoons, Wolves, and even Cougars! Foxes have competed past Pigs, Goats, Deer, and Otters to make their way to the final position. Now, it is finally time to decide the winner!

Comment Call: Vote on the BEST species on Animal Jam!
(You can also jam-a-gram, Instagram, or email your votes if that works better)

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Snow leopards! :D

    1. Why dont you have a username, and its only 2 minutes off from the one above :/

    2. 1. I don't have a username because I don't want to use a google account.
      2. It was sheer coincidence that my comment was shortly after that one.

      I appreciate you wanting to make sure no one cheat votes, but I promise I'm a different person than the first commenter. My username is cinnamonandjailah.

  2. This is a tuffy...... Foxes.

  3. Snow leopards


  4. Snow leopards! I like both though

  5. Hey! Sorry I haven't commented in a while, I went to my cousins wedding! It was great! I vote for Snow leopards to win!

    1. That's okay, glad you are back!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  6. Cool post! That masterpiece is INCREDIBLE! I've been making coloring pages for a lot of my AJ blogger friends. After I finish drawing the AJFC authors' animals and Lostfairy's deer, I'll draw your snow leopard

    I personally prefer snow leopards, although foxes are great too!

    1. Great, I would love that!!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)



  9. I vote for foxes :D

    (My username is Delphinium15)

  10. Btw Scooter, technically.......... the featured comment call, wasn't even the comment call o.o it just said happy bday gfox
    not the comment call

    1. That's actually very rude and offending to me. It was my birthday yesterday, and they were just wishing me a happy birthday. So what if it's not a "long" comment? It's still a comment and it counts. Please respect others and be happy!

    2. You are right anonymous, but it was someones birthday so I decided to choose that one. Plus, not many people answered the comment call yesterday. Don't worry if you haven't been a Featured Comment Call yet because I try to make everyone one sometime. I will try to keep Featured Comment Calls about the comment calls from now on. Thanks for the suggestion :)

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    3. No offense Scooter, but that also offends me. There isn't anything wrong with choosing a comment that is wishing someone a happy birthday or something...?


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