Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Phantom Aliens

Welcome to the Animal Jam Sky Blog!
Today is Wednesday, June 14th, 2017.

The New Item of the Day is Ancient Phantom Corner Wall...
Pick one up for 650 gems in the Jam Mart Furniture Store.
Does this confirm that phantoms are aliens? I mean, they are often seen in UFOs, such as in the toy game, and are seen falling from the sky, like in Falling Phantoms. What do you think jammers?

The New Video of the Day is "Training Dogs and Other Animals"...
Watch this video now in the Brady Barr Theater.

Every Wednesday you find out interesting facts in the Did You Know segment!

Did you know Graham is the only Alpha without a den?
The Alphas dens are available to purchase, including Liza's Garden, Sir Gilbert's Palace, Cosmo's Den, Greely's Hideout, and Peck's Den. However, Graham the Monkey Alpha is currently the only Alpha without a den for sale. I am guessing it will be called Graham's Factory or Graham's Workshop. When will it come out?

Did you know there is a "Rare" Pet Phantom?
That is right! Shortly after pet phantoms were removed from stores, a rare version of the pet was released. Unlike any other pet, this pet cost diamonds even after you have purchased it with diamonds before.

Did you know that the Animal Jam Sky Blog predicted underwater adventures?
The image above shows an old post from the Animal Jam Sky Blog. On our Rumor Reader segment, we thought about the idea of an underwater adventure. This was before any underwater adventures were advertised and released. Interesting! Good guessing, jammers!

The Jammer of the Month, Polarkinz, has used her "special power"...
Remember, when you are Jammer of the Month or Pet of the Month, you are granted one "special power" to use during the month. This special power could be choosing the next new contest, new page, writing an article, drawing art, or something else. The Jammer of the Month has used their special power; however, I will not reveal their special power decision until TOMORROW!
(The Pet of the Month will use their special power later this month!)

The Mint Mystery is almost solved! Here was yesterday's hidden clue:
The LAST clue is hidden today with Mint the Kangaroo somewhere on the blog. Can you find him?

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Seeing that you spotlighted Vi's comment about her theory on what the thing is, I think she is right, but Scooter, if she is right, and the prizes would be from AJ, the drawings would HAVE to be made in the AJ Art Studio, if it was paper, the prizes couldn't be something in AJ, described in this link this one, and this one

    1. (And this includes any type of contest exchanging AJ items for art or stories or whatever that weren't made in AJ)

    2. We will certainly have to see what is coming soon later this week!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  2. That is interesting! Maybe the phantoms are really aliens?
    I like the idea of a Graham themed den, too.

  3. YA!!! It's gotta be a drawing contest


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