Saturday, June 3, 2017

Contest Winner

Hey Jammers! Glad to have you here.
Today is Saturday, June 3rd, 2017.

Sorry, but I am having some internet issues this morning. Unfortunately, that means I cannot post about the new items today. If our internet starts behaving, then I will post about them later. Until then, enjoy the rest of this post :)

Every Saturday our favorite little monkey plushie comes to share a new adventure in the Animal Jam Sky Blog's plushie comic series Blu the Monkey!

The NEW Blu the Monkey Comic Book Issue is here...

Click the comic book cover above to start reading!

Issue #84 - "Talent Show Terror"
Description: Blu has been banished into the past, now he is collecting all of his friends to save themselves in the present day with the help of a time-traveling lizard named Kiwi. Now, he has only three more pasts to visit, when he stumbles into a talent show competition.

Did you like the issue? Comment thoughts below!

Peck's Animal Effect Contest ended yesterday...

After much thought and deliberation by analyzing all of the wonderful enteries, I finally have decided a winner. The winner of the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Peck's Animal Effect Contest is...

"Firefox" --Kraft

Congratulations on your winning idea of a firefox animal effect. You have seen Spring Bunnies and Snowflake Arctic Wolves, but have you seen a Fire Fox? I will try to find you on Jamaa sometime to give you your prize. Here are four more enteries that were also excellent:

"Sprinkle Elephants" --zachary267

"Pencil Sloth" --Violet

"Rainbow Penguin" --grumpycat1848

"Musical Coyote" --sarahkey8

Thank you everyone for entering the contest! It was great fun and you had such creative ideas. Did you think this contest was interesting? I hope so!

A "Special Post Sunday" is coming TOMORROW..

The post this Sunday will be exclusively be about the History of the Summer Carnival. It will be fun and informational. That means that there will be no "This Week", "Sky News" or new items shown in that daily post. Also, we will hold off the final round for Liza's Best Animal Tournament until Monday.

Liza's Best Animal Tournament is just about over. We are on the last round of the Final Four. Here is the updated tournament bracket...

The winner of yesterday's round moving on to the FINALS is Snow Leopards.

Round 18:

Comment Call: Vote for an animal species to move on to the Finals!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!



    Today I'm getting the guinea pig!

    Aherm, now.. UGH I love both of them! Ummmmmm Foxes!

    1. Happy early birthday! :D

      I vote for foxes.

    2. Yay! Happy (early) Birthday, Gfox!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    3. So one of the new items is a graduation cap. I haven't checked the den store

    4. And there is also scattered homework. I'm not sure if the sand pyramid is new either

    5. Thank you so much guys! And I have the guinea pig now!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah! Otters for the win!!!!!!!!

  3. I vote for otters!

  4. otters r best, so otters!

    1. Could I have a username for the past four votes? I think it is the same person since they all voted for Otters and they were posted within 30 seconds apart...

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    2. That seems suspicious to me !

    3. Yeah... it does seem pretty odd

  5. Otters, Gfox AJ I have a Guinea pig too

  6. Foxes! Today's my birthday! I'm so excited I'm probably going to be on aj a lot today!


    1. Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeed


  8. :O thank you! I can't believe I won o.o

    I sent you a buddy request, by the way, so that you can see when I'm on
    ((I really like Sarah's musical coyote, by the way. Good job Sarah!)The other ideas were also very interesting ^-^)

    I vote for foxes!


  9. Foxes! I wonder who will win? (animal I mean)


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