Sunday, June 4, 2017

History of the Summer Carnival

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Today is Sunday, June 4th, 2017.

Hey Jammers, it is "Special Post Sunday". That means no new items, "This Week", or "Sky News".

Instead, we will take a look at the History of the Summer Carnival in Animal Jam. Enjoy!


"Summer Carnival Begins"
After many mysterious signs spread around Jamaa hinting at a Summer Carnival Coming Soon, AJHQ finally released the first ever Summer Carnival on June 7th, 2012. Along with the new event, a new currency was formed: tickets. Tickets could be won playing games to win and buy prizes. Each jammer is first given 500 tickets to get started.

"Carnival Items"
At the time, the only stores available were the clothing store, which sold Lightning necklace, Lollipop Necklace, and Star Necklace, and the Pet Plushie store...
It actually had three Plushie shops! Full of Pet Snakes, Ducks, Cats, and more!


"Gem-to-Ticket Exchange Shop"

One of the best and most useful features added to the Summer Carnival is the gem-to-ticket exchange shop. This allows jammers to convert gems to tickets. You can literally buy tickets! Now, jammers can actually get items they want, instead of playing games for hours to get one item -.-

"Summer Carnival Sale"

Also in 2013, there was the first Summer Carnival Sale. This sale was at the end of the Summer Carnival in August. Every item was half off in price. This was a game changer for many jammers because you could buy extra carnival items before they left for the year.


"Dunk-A-Phantom Introduced"

Finally, what jammers have been waiting and asking for: a NEW GAME. The new game became an instant hit in the jammer community. It is called Dunk-A-Phantom, where you can throw tennis balls to hit the target allowing the phantom to plunge into the water. This game can be stressful, especially when the phantom laughs at you for missing!

"Freedom Plushies"

Varieties of the pet plushies were released around July of 2014. The regular pet plushies just temporarily change during the Freedom Day celebration.


 "Bouncy House and Firepit Added"

The year of 2015 was big for the Summer Carnival because it was expanded! It added a huge bouncy castle towards the top left of the carnival. Also, below the bouncy castle a fire pit with log seats was added.

"New Signs"

A new cleaner version of the Summer Carnival sign was added. As you can see the old (left) and the new (right) signs above. These signs change in sayings, including "Coming Soon!", "Is Here!", and "Is Leaving!".


"New Items"
The Summer Carnival of 2016 was a year of new and exciting items being released in the stores. Even rare items debuted at the carnival ever so often. Jammers loved accessing these limited-time items that often become rare when the carnival is not in session.


"Play Wild Summer Carnival"

Now you can visit the Summer Carnival on the Animal Jam mobile app Play Wild! This reinterpretation of the carnival gives it new life on a fun new platform for all jammers.

"Summer Carnival Lives On"

The Summer Carnival returned for its sixth annual opening. Jammers still get excited for this event every year. New items means new fun! The Summer Carnival is one of the greatest events in Animal Jam history...
*Credit: CheesyPotatoes :)
As you can see the Summer Carnival continues to evolve and get bigger. Containing four shops, including the ticket-to-gem conversion shop, cotton candy machine, five games, craft table, fire pit, and a bouncy castle, the Summer Carnival is the best place to hang out with buddies all summer long.

I hope you enjoyed this post, here are two free desktop backgrounds...

Download and set it as your computer's wallpaper to celebrate Summer!

Comment Call: Do you enjoy the Summer Carnival? What was the greatest feature added?

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Tomorrow: Liza's Best Animal Tournament FINALE
Have Fun and Happy Jamming!



    Omg cool! I've always wondered how the summer carnival started it out and stuff!

    Do they still sell the freedom Plushies on July 4th?

      I'm not sure if they will sell freedom plushies this year, but I hope so!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    2. Thanks so much Scooter!

      And yes, hopefully!

  2. The summer carnival is fantastic and I love playing the games! My favorite game has always been phantom ball. Happy birthday to Gfox!!

  3. Do you know what the new items of the day are? And where I can get them?

    1. Yes, sorry about that I will update you all on them tomorrow.
      The new items for Saturday and today are a Graduation Cap in the Jam Mart Clothing Store, Scattered Homework in the Jam Mart Furniture Store, and Triple Innertube in the Jam Mart Furniture Store.

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  4. I like the summer carnival. My favorite game is the one with the darts and the balloons and stuff. My favorite thing to buy is those cool plushies. They remind me of my cat for some reason.

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