Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sky Shake-Up

Greetings Jammers!
Today is Tuesday, June 27th, 2017.

The New Item of the Day is a Gold Panning Pond...

Purchase this in the Jam Mart Furniture Store for 950 gems.

Also in the Jam Mart Furniture Store...

You can pick up Pottery Shards for 450 gems.
This item can be found in the new Call of the Alphas party.

The New Video of the Day is  "What fish can live the longest?"...

Watch this video now in the Tierney Theater.

Every Tuesday an new item is analyzed under the Item Spotlight.

The Item Spotlight shines on Alpha Swords...

The Alpha Sword is a promotional item received after owning 96 of the Adopt-A-Pet toys. It appears to made from a rare crystal. It has a gemstone at the heart of the sword, with swirls. Also, the sword has wing-like crystals off to the sides, which almost looks like Mira's wings...

The Alpha Sword is a great item to use on adventures because of the high level of damage it can cause. This is a nonmember land item that is very rare in the jammer community. You can not get this item easy, that is for sure!

Rarity: **** (4.5/5 Stars)
Status: Nonmember, Land, Clothing
Rare Tag: No
Popularity: ***** (5/5 Stars)

Comment Call: Have an item you want to learn more about? Comment it below!

Yesterday, I told you there would be a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, well there is! Unfortunately, it is not all good news. Awhile back there was a poll that asked "How often should I post?". At the time, I had decided to continue post everyday. However, I now realize that I cannot keep up with it. I have tried my best, but sadly, there will be NO POSTS ON TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS...
Sorry to let you down jammers! :(
However, actually, this is not all bad news, it is kind of good news! No posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays will allow me to catch up on updating pages, content, contests, Blu the Monkey, and much more. Thanks for your understanding.

No posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays will also shake-up the Sky Schedule. Check out the changes:

The Sky Schedule has been completely rearranged. Fashion Friday and Glitch Corner have been voted out of the Sky Schedule. To see the full schedule, visit the Sky Schedule.

Sadly, this will be the last post on a Tuesday.
Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING!! But it's ok though. Really pottery shards? That's just a funny word to me. Shards. Hahaha!

  2. i am sad not see daily updates up i compelety understand why you are changing the schedule, thank you for giving us an over view of the new sky schedule - Pettiwx2004 AJ

  3. Thanks for understanding everyone!

    --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  4. This is okay, Scooter! Don't worry about it! :)

  5. While this is certainly a big change, and not something I'm sure any of us were expecting, I believe I speak for all of us when I say we respect your choice. Posting every day is great, but very exhausting. I know I don't have a blog, but I understand completely, Scooter. It's reasonable, seeing as you are human, and even the best of us cannot live quite to what we thought we could.

    (If any of this came off as aggressive I did not mean for it to.)


  6. Ok, I'm glad that you are doing this so your not too hard on yourself :) the good thing is not a lot happens in animal jam in Tuesdays and on Thursday the update post can wait until tomorrow :)

  7. Hello Scooter, long time no see, eh? What's happening with you? I've sort of lost my interest for blogging, something I didn't want to do but I've made it happen. I'm into more of AJ Amino now, it'd be great to keep in touch!

    Like I said with Nafaria, I really love what you did with your sidebars.

    Well, off to read Blu the Monkey now! Goodbye~!

    1. Hi Cosmic! Thanks for checking in!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)


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