Monday, June 12, 2017

Animal Jam Comic Books

Welcome to the Animal Jam Sky Blog!
Today is Monday, June 12th, 2017.

The Rare Item Monday is a Rare Diamond Necklace...

Buy this in Epic Wonders for 5,000 gems.
Looks: **** (4/5 Stars)
Price: * (1/5 Stars)
Jamaasian: ** (2/5 Stars)

The New Item of the Day is a Water Canteen...
Purchase this item in the Jam Mart Furniture Store for 450 gems.

Also, in the Underwater Diamond Shop, you can buy a...

Sandcastle Throne for 1 Diamond.

The New Video of the Day is "Amazing Animals - Hippo"...
Watch this video at the Sarepia Theater.

Introducing ANIMAL JAM COMICS...
AJHQ has released the Animal Jam Comic Book at many comic book stores around the nation. Click the image above for a link to find a shop near you on the Daily Explorer. These are so cool! 
Comment Call: Are you going to read it?

A New Masterpiece is granted Masterpiece of the Week on Mondays.

The Masterpiece of the Week is from wolfs96173...
If you love Disney's Moana, you will love this beautiful portrait. Like this photo and see how far it will go! Your art has been posted on the Animal Jam Sky Art Blog and will be displayed all week on the left-side column.

Have a Masterpiece to share? Comment your username and which one below!

Every Monday, we showcase a new glitch giving Jamaa trouble.

The Glitch Corner is about The Phantom Portal...
The Phantom Portal is an adventure where jammers fight phantoms; however, there are many glitches that stand in their way, including the one shown above. The glitch above is the "Forever Flame" glitch where after you plug a phantom goop pipe, it bursts into flames and never stops! There are many more glitches in this adventure, such as a complete darkness glitch where the background is just black, and a glitch where the tall grass doesn't hide you from the phantoms. To learn more about the Phantom Portal, visit the Adventure Guide.

Have a glitch to share? Comment it below or email me!

In Sky News, Mint the Kangaroo is still following the trail of the mystery to what is coming soon to the Animal Jam Sky Blog. If you couldn't find him yesterday, here is the clue he has found...

It is not Season 3! Wonder what it could be? He was hidden on the Codes page. Find today's clue with the hidden Mint the Kangaroo somewhere on the Animal Jam Sky Blog.

There is a VERY IMPORTANT poll on the right side column:
It is about how often I should post. Currently, I post every day, and I have to say it is taking a toll on me. It is hard to keep up with new items, daily segments, commenting, and updating icons and pages. However, I still love the daily posts! If you choose every day, I will continue to post every day. Just let me know what you think!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. It's your choice if you wanna keep posting every day Scooter. How do you do all this blog editing and updating stuff on this blog like every single day with schoolwork?

    1. It is summer now! However, during the school year, I try to make time for both. :)

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  2. Hmm, I think you should do whichever is easier for you, maybe you could sometimes take a day or two off in a week. But I think you should just post the amount of times you like best! ^_^ I was also looking through some old blog posts, and I saw all the parties that you had, I think you should have another party, maybe just to celebrate summer? Or just to be random ^_^

    1. Also the price for that rim is OUTRAGEOUS!! WE JAMMERS ARENT MADE OF MONEY!!!! Like srsly, you could buy a den with 5,000 gems, you could even decorate a den with 5,000! And with the daily spin changed, members have no chance of getting free gems, so I am pretty upset about this rim. I mean 5,000 gems!!

    2. The RIM is VERY expensive!!
      Also, thanks for the idea on having a party. We haven't had one in a long time!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  3. I think the RIM looks cool, even though it's very expensive.
    I'm happy because I'll finally get to buy the sandcastle den today! I got prizes from the daily spin two times in a row, which was annoying.

  4. Every other day. I used to post once or twice a day, and it was so hard to do! I gotta give you credit, you're doing great at keeping up with the blog!

    Today hasn't been a very good day... I feel like one of my friends are replacing/are gonna make fun of me to other people. Keep me in prayers? Ty!

    1. Thank you, Gfox! I definitely will pray for you :)

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  5. Yw and yep. I called it. I just finished crying lol

  6. I personally think you should post every day but you don't have to. If it is too hard for you, then don't do it.

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