Friday, May 26, 2017

Wild Dogs

Hey Jammers! Another great update yesterday.
Today is Friday, May 26th, 2017.

Did you miss yesterday's update?

Click the image above to see the Jamaa Journal post.

The New Item of the Day is a Fancy Vest...
Purchase this in the Jam Mart Clothing Store for 750 gems.

Above are all of the color varieties for the Fancy Vest.

In the Jam Mart Furniture Store, you can get...

An Egyptian Sarcophagus for 600 gems. Creepy!

The New Video of the Day is "Carrier Crab"...
Watch this video now in the Sarepia Theater.

Did you know that there are Wild Dogs facts around Jamaa?
Click the Wild Dog Banners to learn more about the pack.

Fashion Friday

Every Friday a new outfit is displayed in the Fashion Friday segment.

The Fashion Friday is from Cheshirecat200...

Thanks for this pawesome idea. I love it because it mixes multiple animal species. Try it yourself! Pick your favorite animals and mix them into an outfit. Like a Giraffe Rhino or a Penguin Shark!

You can make this outfit above:
Wolf - 1,000 Gems
Raccoon Tail - 2,500 Tickets
Cat Ears - 450 gems
You can also add accessories like gloves and shirts.

Have an outfit idea to share? Comment your idea and animal name below!

Sky News

The Coyote Minibook has been added to the Minibook Guide...
Click to open the book above to see the answers and prize for this Minibook.

Liza's Best Animal Tournament is into the sweet sixteen rounds. Here is the updated tournament bracket...

Yesterday's animal species that will advance to the next rounds were Wolves and Snow Leopards.

Round 10:

Comment Call: Vote the better species in each animal set.

Tomorrow: NEW Blu the Monkey Issue, more update information, and more!
Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Ooh! Awesome!

    I pick: Falcons and cougars!

  2. It's a tough choice between the kangaroo and falcon, but I think I might have to say kangaroo. So kangaroo and cougars!

  3. I pick, falcons and cheetahs. Thanks for picking my comment and my fashion idea! I really like the racoon tail, It Is really good For outfits in any animal. (Except maybe the racoon itself because that would be repetitive XD) I love how aj is making new types of clothing like the Hoodie and vest, I hop they will come out with some pants and shirts soon. (Also on my wolf the shirt is a camouflage shirt btw) Thanks!

  4. Sorry, Scooter, but you can't buy Raccoon Tails anymore. And I pick Kangaroos and Cougars!

    1. You are right! Maybe they we be released with new colors at the Summer Carnival this year.

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  5. Falcons and cougars -pettwix2004

  6. Kangaroos and cheetahs. I want African painted dogs to come to animal jam.

  7. Amazing, I have an outfit to share, my username is Firespiritaj and the animal has the outfit on. I may call it the General Combat Look, hmm.. Anyways, I vote out the best of Kangaroos and Cheetahs! Bai!

  8. Falcons and cheetahs are better

  9. Kangaroos and cougars!

  10. Kangaroos are my FAVORITE animal jam animal! I wish nonmembers could be them :(


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