Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Gloves

What's up, Sky Jammers?!
Today is Thursday, May 18th, 2017.

The Jamaa Journal has added a page to its latest issue...
Another Wild Weekend has came, and this time with gloves! Four new gloves are in the Diamond Shop now for the next four days!

The New Items of the Day are the four gloves...
You can purchase the Phantom Glove, Unicorn Glove, Custom Glove, and the Mega-Glove 3000 in the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds each. These gloves come in different color varieties, except the Custom Glove, which only comes in one color (the one above).

The New Summer Carnival item is Stegosaurus Armor...
Buy this for 2,500 tickets at the Summer Carnival.
The colors for this item are shown above.

The New Video of the Day is "Jaguarundi"...
Watch this video now at Gabby's Animal Hospital.

Mystery of the Week

The Mystery of the Week is where we examine and try to solve a mystery surrounding Jamaa.

The Mystery of the Week is about Coyotes...

The Mystery is about the animal itself. Here are questions you could be asking yourself about the new animal coming soon.

#1.) Will it be smaller than Arctic Wolves? Smaller than Wolves?
I think it will be a tiny animal, which is why it could possibly be for nonmember.

#2.) Will they be for nonmembers or members? Cost?
Coyotes are almost like a smaller versions of wolves (even though they almost look exactly like foxes, seriously AJHQ we want hippos and ostriches :p). Since they are a small version, I could see them being nonmember; however, I highly doubt it so don't get your hopes up. It will probably be in the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds.

#3.) What will the moves look like?
I am guessing that the sit effect will look similar wolves sitting. The hop effect will be hopping somewhat high on all four legs. The sleep effect will probably be bundled up with the tail curled around its legs. Finally, the play effect will more than likely be some chasing animation or rolling.

#4.) Will they be popular?
Yes, nearly every new animal that enters Jamaa is an instant hit. The approval ratings go up higher if they are for nonmember. I believe that since many jammers love big cats and dogs, coyotes will become as popular as Arctic Wovles and Wolves!

Sky News

Liza's Best Animal Tournament is just beginning. For more information go to the Contests Tab. Here is the updated tournament bracket...

The winners that will advance from yesterday's round #1 are Bunnies, Wolves, and Arctic Wolves.
Here are the animals to vote between today:


Comment Call: Vote between each animal species which one is best.

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I vote for owls and cougars! I think both animals are really cute. :D

  2. I vote for the toucan and cougar!!! They are so kawaii!!!

    Speaking of kawaii...


    1. I agree! The unicorn glove is adorable!!

    2. can anybody pls trade the fourth color of unicorn the glove to asilvestre?
      I am non-member but I will have membership in 2 weeks

  3. Those gloves look really cool! I love the unicorn glove!
    I choose owls and cougars.
    I can't wait for the coyotes! I think they're adorable.

  4. I like owls, but I. Cant. Choose. This is too hard. Cougars and lynxes are both great for Warior cats role plays and other stuff. I think I will choose the lynx but I like the animal in real life better than in AJ. So my votes are for owl and lynx.

  5. Toucans and Lynxes!!!

  6. I wish arctic foxes would've survived :P Ahh well
    Owls and Cougars!!

    unicorn glove
    why isn't it for underwater

  7. toucans and cougars! I love toucans! They are so cute and tiny!

  8. Thank you for voting everyone! I hope you enjoy the tournament so far :)
    Don't be afraid to vote because every jammer's voice is heard!

    --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  9. Vote 1. LYNX LYNX LYNX LYNX LYNX my favorite cat is a Lynx
    Vote 2. Owl
    I like the unicorn glove.
    - grumpycat1848


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