Friday, May 5, 2017

Hatapalooza Returns

Greetings Jammers!
Today is Friday, May 5th, 2017.

The Jamaa Journal has added a new first page...

Hatapalooza was an event back on January 17th, 2013, where all hats were on sale and even some rare hats have appeared. The Hatapalooza celebration has returned and is all about the hats in Animal Jam! You can find carts hidden all over Jamaa with cool hats for sale...

The three locations are in Crystal Sands by the Pet Wash, Coral Canyons by the entrance, and Jamaa Township by the Mira Statue. THEY ALL HAVE DIFFERENT HATS. Unlike previous years, which only had the same hats. So be sure to find them all! Also, the Diamond Shop is selling RARE LIMITED-TIME hats:

Make sure to pick up these hats, and all of the hats of Jamaa, while you have the chance!

The New Item of the Day is The Llama Claw...
Purchase this in the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds.

Also, in the Diamond Shop...
You can pick up a Pixelated Koala Head for 2 Diamonds.

The New Video of the Day is "World's Deadliest: Crab vs Conch"...
Watch this video now in the Sarepia Theater.

Did you know that now you can get an Animal Jam Membership through select Sapphire Bundles in Animal Jam - Play Wild?

You can read more at the Daily Explorer.

Fashion Friday

Every Friday, a new costume or outfit is displayed in a segment called Fashion Friday.

The Fashion Friday is a Clueless Ostrich...

This week, the outfit was created by me! ^-^ Feel free to try it out yourself!
It is just a silly costume I quickly threw together.
Here are the item that make up this costume:
Giraffe - 1,000 Gems
Sheep Cloak - Trading System
Chicken Beak - 650 Gems

Have an outfit to share? Comment your username, idea, and animal name below!

Sky News

DJ Happypet has been granted IMMUNITY in yesterday's twist...

You are now safe until the Final Three (it has been changed from Final Four to Final Three) round. That means you can't vote DJ Happypet out for now!
Comment Call: Vote out a jammer!

The Silver Chest has been opened up! Take a look what is inside:

A NEW PAGE! The Plaque Guide is the official place on the Animal Jam Sky Blog to learn about all the plaques you can receive, including Diamond Plaques and Community Plaques.
Comment Call: What plaques have you won?

Tomorrow: Another Twist, NEW Blu the Monkey Comic Issue, and much more!
Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I was close! 😂 I vote out the horse this time! And I'm happy I got the chance to get the top hats, although a lot of people weren't too happy about that...

  2. Lol, now all those people who think eyeball hat is beta are surprised.

  3. Oh my, yeah. That ostrich looks pretty clueless... XD

    I'm really glad tophats came out! But why do people keep complaining... It's AJ's game, plus tophats weren't that rare anyways. And they look really cool

    Lieutenant Roundcat.

  4. I choose to vote out the horse.... sorry, I cant read his name!!

  5. Lieutenant Roundcat sorry D:

  6. I'm going to go with..Lieutenant round cat,

  7. all da other blogs have a plaque guide already.. :|||||||||||||||||||

  8. I vote out DJ Modern artist, sorry!

  9. Why does DJ Modernpet have immunuity :{ Ik ppl voted for him/her but is just a SPINNYBOI outfit on a giraffe!!!!!!!!!!!! %100 Unoriginal :/ the arctic wolf shouldn't gotten it or arctic for or the horse :/

  10. THis is probably late, but I vote out DJ modernArtist

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