Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bubblegum Machine

Greetings Jammers!
Today is Wednesday, May 10th, 2017.

The New Item of the Day is a Silver Ring...
Purchase this in the Epic Wonders Clothing Shop for 1,500 gems. This great item has returned!

The New Video of the Day is "Which Animal is Closest to Extinction?"...
Watch this video now in the Brady Barr Theater.

Item Spotlight

Every Wednesday we analyze a new item in the segment called Item Spotlight.

The Item Spotlight shines on the Bubblegum Machine...

The Bubblegum Machine, sometimes referred to as the Gumball Machine, is an item that was released during the Beta Testing Period, or Beta Days. It was originally in stores for 45 gems, and has never came back to stores since. However, a bigger version of the Bubblegum Machine, called the Giant Bubblegum Machine...

...was released in 2013 and again in 2015 for 850 gems. These bubblegum machines have similar effects. When you click on or just below the hole or button gumballs fall out. Did you know that the Bubblegum Machine can be won in the Forgotten Desert Adventure? Go to the Adventure Guide to learn more.

Rarity: ***** (5/5 Stars)
Status: Land, Members
Rare Item Monday: No
Popularity: ***** (5/5 Stars)

Trade Recommendations: I recommend trading a beta item for this item. Also, you could try rare items, such as short spikes wrists.

Want to learn more about an item? Comment it below!

Sky News

Snowflake Leafylily has been eliminated in the Final Three round.

You get to decide who wins the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Spring Fashion Show.
This has been an exciting and tough fashion show in honor of Spring and one million views. Filled with ups and downs, we have witnessed ten contestants, three twists, and only one winner. So, who will it be?
Comment Call: Vote for a WINNER!

The Poll Results are in...

You think that Fennec Foxes are coming to Jamaa. I do too!
I bet we will find out in tomorrow's update ^o^

Tomorrow: Fashion Show Winner, NEW Jamaa Journal, and more!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Mister Wonkeybuddy should win


    1. COOLPAPA??? It's you??? I missed you:)

    2. Coolpapa! ^o^

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  2. Wow, I'm surprised my Arctic fox even got this far. I wanna vote for it to win but I'm not sure cause I kinda want DJ to win so.... I'll just vote Mister winked buddy to win!

  3. I vote for DJ happypet to win, sorry!

    Actually Silver Rings were worth like two den betas...

    Some people ain't gonna be happy lol

  4. I vote for Mister WonkyBuddy!!!!! :D
    I vote for Wonky because it's a guud original outfit.
    I mean like I said in many previous comments, DJ used an un-original outfit.
    Seriously, SpinnyBoiz gets SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO old.
    Now we have -facepaw- COUGARS AS SPINNYBOIZ!!!!!! >:(
    (Sorry if this is too judgy I'm just tired of too many Spinny Boiz outfits.)

    Rant timmeee:
    GOSH DARNED IT AJHQ!!!!!!!!!! >:(
    -Mumpiejoe ;)

    1. I understand your point, but how would you feel if someone called your outfit unoriginal? I actually really like their outfit, because it IS springish looking.

      And maybe they didn't have a lot of spring items, and that was their alternative option.

      Again, I understand your point, but it's better to keep an opinion like that to yourself so no one gets offended :)

    2. True! It is important to be considerate of other people's feelings. I really like both of the outfits. DJ's outfit is original. The "Spinnyboiz" outfit is with a different animal and different colors. (I still don't know why "Spinnyboiz" is so popular..) Good job to both contestants!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    3. I don't understand also 😂

    4. I try to be considerate of other peepz feelings but well, when it comes to SpinnyBoiz it really ticks me off for some reason. And I know it's different animal and colours but I mean the Spinnyboiz reminder gets in my head and really ticks me off.. Also I'm looking forward to another fashion show... I really need something to do.. I mean I did an adventure yesterday and, got a Silver Ring next thing you know, today it's in stores.. :Y Idc if there's a prize at the end I just need something to do. Idc if I win.. Again, I need something to do...

  5. Also I haven't been commenting bc this is a HORRIBLE week for me... :(
    I got suspended for NO ABSOLUTE reason a few days ago (Over the weekend and yesterday!)
    Also I'm thinking about ranting on Spinny Boiz...

    1. Every day when I log in, I see SpinnyBoiz dancing around in Jamaa yelling about King Bean and how mean AJHQ is for not letting him into VidCon.....
    2. They interupt my roleplays.. :l I've already had to delete 50 buddies for annoying me to death. :T
    3. They have no respect for the fact that I believe that Julian deserved to not go to VidCon I MEAN HE EXPOSED ''AJHQ!'' I mean come on that may not even be the real AJHQ!!!!
    4. They don't respect the ''Wisparri'' ship!! ITS JUST A SHIP WAR!!!!! >:(

    1. Not all Spinny boiz are like that. Julian2 couldn't go to Vidcon because he was going to be traveling at the time. I know they can be kinda annoying.
      But some just like infecting people with "Spinny boi ness" I have a spinny boi account as well XD I kinda like annoying people sometimes. Oh well. That's just my opinion :P

      ~A bean~

  6. I was a a avid commenter when this blog first started (under a different username), and I didn't know it was even open again, after it closed a few years ago. I realized I hadn't commented yet again, so hopefully I'll be getting back to that again! ^.^

    I vote for DJ Happypet to win!

    1. Great! I am so glad to here that you are back! I hope you enjoy the Animal Jam Sky!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    2. Thank you! And OF COURSE I am enjoying the Animal Jam Sky! It's way too awesome ^.^

  7. I vote for Mister Wonkybuddy to win :) Gl!

    Ok, I now understand why AJ is releasing the rares.. They have been making more and more rares, so they are releasing the old ones, to make room for the new ones! They have made so many new rares, like the archways and crazy rares, and now theflower and lucky armor are rare! (the old ones) This way, it will be easier to keep track of the rarity system, and set balances!

  8. I vote for Mister Wonkybuddy!
    I love DJ Happypet's outfit too, but I honestly like Mister's outfit a little more.

  9. Idk who to vote for...
    I like both of their outfits a lot.
    I remember those silver rings! I didn't even know they were gone :3
    I guess i'll vote for.............................................................. Mister Wonkybuddy
    Good job everyone!

  10. I vote 4 Dj to win cuz there's so many flowers! And I like flowers and their springy!! And mister you did good. How many arctic foxes are there named mister wonky buddy?! I like gum. The gum machine has really changed.

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