Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fennec Foxes

Hello Jammers!
Today is Thursday, May 4th, 2017.

The New Item of the Day is Sunflowers...
Purchase this in the Jam Mart Furniture Store for 150 gems.

Also, in the Diamond Shop there are three 4-DAY ONLY items...
A Spiked Top Hat, Spinning Top Hat, and Rainbow Accordion Hat. The HATAPALOOZA must be coming back! Here is other proof, ALL HATS ARE ON SALE

I will report more about this in tomorrow's post!

The New Video of the Day is "Are Underwater Volcanoes Dangerous?"...
Watch this video now in the Tierney Theater.

Mystery of the Week

Every other Thursday, when there is not a Jamaa Journal, we look into a Mystery surrounding Jamaa.

The Mystery of the Week is about the NEW ANIMAL...
Credit: Kids National Geographic
I have a very strong theory that says Fennec Foxes are going to be the New Animal. I developed this theory as soon as the Jamaa Journal came out. Also, I see some other smart jammers, such as Nafaria9, have the same thoughts. Here are FIVE reasons why Fennec Foxes are coming to Jamaa:

#1: The "Canidae" Stone

In the last Jamaa Journal, we were notified that the Alphas have found another Heartstone. The Heartstone says "Canidae". "Canidae" is the name of the biological family of carnivorians, such as wild dogs, foxes, dingoes, and wolves. This shows that the new animal could be a fox, dingo, or jackal.

#2: Play Wild Pet

A couple of months ago, Animal Jam: Play Wild the application came out with Pet Fennec Foxes. This could be clue that Animal Jam has acknowledged the animal in the game. We have seen pets released before the actually animal in the past. Interesting!

#3: Wild Explorer's Video

Right after the update, a new video appeared in the Wild Explorer's Tent. Cami released a video about Fennec Foxes.

#4: Jammer Requests
I have heard many jammers that the past couple of years they have requested for Fennec Foxes. Lots of jammers have went to the Question Marks all over Jamaa, including in the Diamond Shop, and have requested for a new Fennec Fox species. Many jammers love these skinny and small creatures with huge ears. I do too!

#5: Animal Varieties
Recently, AJHQ has been releasing varieties of animals. For example, we have Wolves and Arctic Wolves. Cougars are like a large version of Lynxes. We even have a Fox and an Arctic Fox. Why not add a Fennec Fox?!

What do you think? Will Fennec Foxes be coming to Jamaa?
Comment your thoughts below or vote on the new poll!

Sky News

Darling Snowyspirit has been eliminated in the Spring Fashion Show...

TWIST #2: IMMUNITY! Vote for a jammer to be safe until the final four. That means you can't vote them out. Once there are four jammers left, they will not be safe, and you can vote them out again.
Comment Call: Vote to keep a Jammer safe!

The Surprise yesterday asked you all to pick a Chest. Your choices were between a Gold Chest, Silver Chest, or a Bronze Chest. The choice that had the most votes was...

I still have to find the key! We will have to open up the Chest TOMORROW! ;)
Comment Call: What do you think will be inside?

Tomorrow on the Animal Jam Sky: Chest is Opened, Hatapalooza, Fashion Show Immunity Revealed, and More!
Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I'd say the silver chest will take only... Oh, maybe...

    Three hours? xD (Okay, that was a bad reference.)

    The sunflowers are a cool item! I really like them! Too bad they're member...

    DJ Happypet. I thinkk whoever's wins this has a good chance of winning the entire thing.

    1. I know, all the best items are members-only >.<

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  2. When I saw the Wild Explorer's video, I also concluded that fennec foxes might be coming to Jamaa. I also saw a leaked photo of the fennec foxes in Animal Jam, but we may never know whether it is an edit or not. :3
    Thanks for featuring my recent comment! :D

    1. Oh, and I vote for DJ HappyPet! Yay, immunity!!! XD

  3. I think fennec foxes are coming also! I vote out Snowflakeleafylilly (the horse with the clover gauntlets if I read the name wrong) Sorry!

    Hmm.. I think maybe an extra issue of Blu, possibly a new page, and a new video?

    1. Sorry, Gfox, but you are supposed to vote someone to be SAFE, not out! In today's twist the jammer who has the most votes, will be safe until the final four.

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    2. Oops! I vote the fox to have immunity

  4. I vote DJ Modern Artist for immunity!

  5. I'd say.. The fox I guess? I would vote for the giraffe but... They used a Spinny Girlz outfit.. The Spinny Boiz/Girlz outfit gets really old unless Julian2 commands us to make sure that it won't get old! :P It was also really hard to choose bc they were all good entries! The only reason I voted for the fox was bc she used an original design and didn't use spring items nor did she use rare items! I hope the fox gets immunity!
    Til' next time I comment,

  6. I really hope fennec foxes are coming to Jamaa!

    By the way, there's a Hatapalooza stand near the Mira statue. It even sells tophats!

    I vote for DJ Modern Artist to have immunity



    -Music plays-
    Comme te po'
    Comme te po'

    Comme te po' capi' chi te vo' bene
    si tu la parle 'mmiezzo americano?
    Quando se fa l'ammore sotta 'a luna
    come te vene 'capa e di: 'I love you!?'

    Pa pa l' americano
    Pa pa l' americano
    Pa pa l' americano

    -music keeps playing-

    fa l' americano!

    -music keeps on playing-

    Pa pa l' americano
    Pa pa l' americano
    Pa pa l' americano

    -Music plays a little differently but, with the same tune-

    Pa pa l' americano
    Pa pa l' americano
    Pa pa l' americano

    Wh:isky soda e rock' en' roll
    wh:isky soda e rock' en' roll
    wh:isky soda e rock' en' roll

    -music playz and finally finishes off song-

    -Troll face-

  8. I would love for fennec foxes to come to Jamaa! They're very cute and interesting creatures.
    I vote for Lieutenant Roundcat to have immunity.

  9. I vote for DJ Happypet to have immunity! I'm not sure I would like to have a fennec fox because we already have 2 types of fox. But if the new animal is a fennec fox then I will be fine with it because I love fennec foxes!!

  10. I vote DJ happy pet to have the immunity!!

  11. HII! For immunity I choose lieutenant round cat! So I don't know what will be in the silver chest. I hope it's good. Now I think that there will be fennec foxes, but I wish it was African painted wild dogs. Their patterns would be so cool!


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