Thursday, April 13, 2017


Hey Jammers! The Update is Coming Soon.
Today is Thursday, April 13th, 2017.

Celebrate the Spring Festival with the Eggstravaganza celebration!

All over Jamaa there are different egg nests where you can buy Pet Eggs. In three days, these eggs will hatch into a lot of different pets. I think I saw some glitches where an egg hatched early, check it out:

Could these be the hatched version of the eggs? Pet Chicks?!
Sadly, the Pet Eggs are for MEMBERS-ONLY! Seriously, AJHQ! :(

Snow Leopards have returned with the Cruise Ship Party, which happens to be one of my personal favorites. The shop looks the same, and maybe I will add it to the Party Guide soon!

The Polar Bears are making their way on their own, while Horses will be returning very soon!

Another Animal Jam Box has arrived just in time for Spring.

I didn't really enjoy this update :(
Did you?
Comment Call: Do you like the update?

The New Item of the Day is Egg Shoes...

Purchase these in the Jam Mart Clothing Store for 450 gems.

Above are the colors. OUCH! It looks like those hurt!

Also, in the Diamond Shop, you can buy...

The Koala Claw for 3 Diamonds. They look evil O.o

Also, in the Secret Shop, you can buy a Pig Topiary...

It is for all jammers and costs 400 gems.

Sky News

The Sky Egg hunt still has 3 More Days Left....
Yesterday's Pink Egg was hidden on the About Scooter page.
The Prize for yesterday's egg was to decide on a NEW segment to add to the Sky Schedule.
The results are still being tallied from the blog, emails, and Jam-a-grams, and will be announced tomorrow on the blog.

Today's hidden egg to find is...

The GREEN Egg!

Go find it while you are waiting for the update to arrive. It is hidden somewhere on the Animal Jam Sky Blog. Good Luck!

P.S. Thanks for trading me an egg, Gfox0!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Oh I hope snow leapord return! I want one SO bad! Thanks for featuring my comment again!

    1. I know! I don't have one. xD But at least I still have a bunny. Hey, your profile pic changed! :D

  2. FOUND IT! :D xD Okay.

    Egg shoes? That's fun, we're having this giant egg set, you see all these egg outfits around Jamaa now, all member though... :( :D

    I can't wait for the update. Thanks so much!


    Comment Call: What would you do for comment call if you could do comment call for a day? xD

    1. LOL

      I'd do swag vs kawaii

      (Kawaii would OBVIOUSLY win 😏)

  4. Couldn't find the egg today! Checked all the tabs twice and sometimes more... @.@

    All I found was the pink egg. Maybe get rid of it so people don't get confused?

    1. I usually keep the eggs from yesterday, just in case someone can't find it. I will give you a hint for today's egg. Hint: "Learn More About How to Party"

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  5. OMG THEY DO LOOK EVIL! I will trade you an egg if you want!

  6. As a member, I think this update was so-so. The only exciting thing was the Eggstravaganza! It seems super cool, and I already have a few eggs. If I were a nonmember, I would think this update is terrible. There would be hardly anything NEW and exciting for me. So in the end, final judgement is that it is a bad update. LIONS ROAR EAGLES SOAR NONMEMBERS DESERVE MORE!

    1. @Gfox
      You know the rhyme was made a lonnnnng time ago and not by Bubbub123, right?? XD

  7. Wow, I want a pet egg!! But nonmembers cant get them:/

  8. And for the comment calll....
    I didn't really like the update. It was basically just pet eggs, travelling and returning animals and an ad:/ I guess it was because last week's update was full of surprises? But still.

  9. OMG, i thought that the egg pet was for ALL JAMMERS! I was sooooo upset! What was I expecting, AJHQ doesn't CARE about nms at all!!!


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