Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hippos Coming?

Greetings Jammers!
Today is Thursday, April 20th, 2017.

A New Page has been added to the Jamaa Journal...

Today's cloud was a Tropical Storm Cloud, what could the others be?

A NEW ONE-DAY ONLY item is for sale in the Diamond Shop....
It is a Tropical Storm Cloud with rain and lightning for 3 Diamonds. I suggest members buy this item now, because it will become rarer as time goes on!

Also, in the Jam Mart Furniture Store...
You can buy a Mossy Zios Statue for 650 gems. I like it because it looks very Jamaasian!

The New Video of the Day is "What is your favorite place in Jamaa?"...
Watch this video now in Cami's Wild Explorers Tent.
My favorite place is either Captain Melville's Juice Hut or my den!

Mystery of the Week

No new Jamaa Journal today! That means we have a Mystery of the Week. Every other Thursday we look into the mysteries surrounding Jamaa.

The Mystery of the Week is about Hippos...
Hippos are a classic African animal, like Lions, Giraffes, Rhinos, and Elephants. What I want to know is how we don't have hippo animals in Jamaa?! How did we have animals like llamas and pigs before a popular animal like Hippos.

As you can see above and below, den items and Pet Hippos have become available with a Retail Gift Card Bonus...
Are Hippos coming soon? We have see the pet versions come out before the actual animals. For example, Pet Owls were released before the Owl animal was released in stores. I really hope that they release Hippos sometime soon, just to get back to more wild animals, instead of domesticated animals like llamas and pigs. They could be sold in the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds or for all jammers like pigs. They could also be land and ocean animals!

Comment Call: Would you like Hippos to come to Jamaa? Let me know your thoughts below!

Need a mystery to be solved? Comment your mystery idea below!

Sky News

Andy the Llama has been added to the Alphas Page...
Click the image above to read about this Minor Alpha.

Thanks for all of your insights and opinions about yesterday's post and if I should do daily posts or posts every once in awhile. I think as of right now I will continue with daily posts. It seems to be working out for me and most jammers just fine. ^-^


Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I would love hippos to come to Jamaa! We need an animal that's really big, like bigger than polar bears and lions! I think it'd be a lot of fun, and it would really be fun to play around with the hippo in Appondale and imitate it. :P And their smile should be really, really big! :D

  2. ATTENTION- The egg give-away is CLOSED!
    Sorry if you didn't get an egg, you will have to wait next year to get an egg from me IF they are in stores.
    Now, the portrait making sale is open.
    If you want me to make you a portrait tell me through my Jammer-Wall or Jam-a-gram me.
    The portrait making sale will last until the Summer Carnival comes out, then I will start making Pet-Portraits.
    Here are the prices for the masterpiece making sale-
    NMS (Non-members)- 3 NM rares
    Members- 4 Member Rares
    Remember- This will last until the Summer-Carnival and since that is a month away, GET YOUR ANIMAL PORTRAITS NOW WHILE YOU CAN!
    (I will leave some info on this new sale in another comment)

  3. Yay! Congrats on almost reaching the million views! I never knew there was a llama alpha either. I also agree, I wish hippos and zebras would come to Jamaa!

    Though zebras are like horses, they are a VERY popular animal, and they could just change the design of it, like wolves and arctic wolves!

    1. I want zebras too!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  4. So as you all know I said I would leave some info on this new sale, well I gave all the info in the other comment so these are the rules of the sale.
    1- Once you make a deal with me you can NOT back down!
    2- You must give the exact amount of rares other-wise you will NOT get your animal's portrait.
    3- Only Scooter gets discounts.
    4- You have to accept the fact that your portrait may take a long time to get approved
    5- You must schedule a meeting with me to register getting a portrait of your animal
    6- You must make put an easy to draw outfit on your animal if you wish to have clothes on the animal in the masterpiece
    7- Before you confirm that you want the masterpiece/portrait made, you must decide whether you like the portraits that I already made.
    8- Once you get the masterpiece, make sure to tell your friends about the masterpiece sale!
    Thank you

  5. YESSSSSSSSS! You are sooo close to 1 million! Yay! Congrats! I'm so excited for you! OK, so my opinion on the hippos is that they would be sper fun and exciting in the game, just as any other animal. What would be extra exciting about the hippos though, is if Animal Jam made them shoot poop(it's a thing XD) but seriousl, they would be an awesome experience, especially if the like waddled around and if they were really fat and kawaii! LOL.



    1. Oh and thanks for featuring my comment! :)

    2. Thanks! ^-^

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  8. I think hippos would be cool, but not very popular, there would be the regular 'New Animal Rush' as usual,
    because everyone loves to be the new animal and show it off,
    but that has stopped a big because of the member spin, before it was such a pain to get animals from the Diamond Shop,
    because they only got 1 diamond a week,

    and people who brought membership for 1 month wouldn't get a bonus (Inless there was a special sale going on, but the membership sales so far have only covered 1 month membership once) Hippos would be like the Rhino's most likely,

    But it would all depend how AJHQ made it,
    Idk XD

    Did you notice on the Daily Explorer on the side, they added a new thing? It says popular in bold letters, and under it are the photos that AJHQ did for the 1,000 buddy slots for members and 1,000 accessory slots for members

    this comment has rambled on long enough

    Jam on!

  9. Ooh, hippos! Those would be really cool to see around Jamma! They could be really cool to design! I'm not too sure if they could be a land and water animal since they can only stay down there for a little while. They love mud though. Too bad I'm not a member. One thing I just thought of that would be really fun is Jamma Olympics! Don't you think that would be cool! Hey scooter,love your blog! I sent you a buddy request the other day, please accept! Have a good day Jammers!

    1. Thanks! I am pretty sure I accepted your request. If not, simply send it again!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    2. Yay!

  10. I always thought it'd be cool to have hippos as an animal on aj

    1. I have NEVER thought about that. xD

  11. Technically, I don't think Hippos can go into the underwater of Jamaa. Hippos are freshwater animals, so I don't think they'll survive in the Sea.


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