Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!
Today is Saturday, April 22nd, 2017.

The April Showers Cloud of the Day is a Spring Flower Cloud...

Buy one TODAY ONLY in the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds.

Only one more cloud coming tomorrow!

The New Item of the Day is a Topaz Anklet...
Purchase this in the Jam Mart Clothing Store for 850 gems.

Above are all of the color varieties for all jammers!

Also, in the Diamond Shop, you can pick up a...

Pixelated Giraffe Head for 2 Diamonds!

The New Video of the Day is "How do sea stars give birth?"...
Watch this video now in the Tierney Theater.
Interesting video O.O

Blu the Monkey

Blu the Monkey is the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Plushie Comic Series. Every Saturday, a new comic book issue is released about our favorite little monkey.

The NEW Comic Book Issue is here...

Click on the Comic Book Cover above to open and read the new issue!

Issue #78 - "The Greatest Navigator"
Description: Blu the Monkey, after just visiting his parent on their wedding day, heads through another portal to find his old pal Chuck. When something tragic happens, Blu finds out why Chuck wants to be the Greatest Navigator.

Sky News

Since it is Earth Day, here is a awesome coloring page:

Coloring has been known to help the brain in times of stress, so if you are stressed about school, friends, or something else. Color a picture and relax!

Comment Call: Do you celebrate Earth Day? How?

I wish Earth Day was more celebrated not only in the world, but also specifically in Animal Jam. It used to be a somewhat big event, back when Animal Jam was more of a website to learn about animals and the earth. Now, it has transitioned more into rares and a virtual playground with money involved. Kind of sad, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing! So, celebrate Earth Day!


Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. So true about aj. And the topaz anklet reminds me of the one you can buy in Epic wonders!

  2. HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!!!!! The flower cloud was suprising to me. I thought it would be a bigger storm. I'm really glad that today's item is a topaz anklet. Topaz is my birthstone. I celebrate earth day a little. I don't get out and do anything really. But I recognize it every year. I'm so exited for the 1m views!

  3. Attention- I will not be taking masterpiece orders because I don't have enough diamonds!

    I will instead be taking adventure item orders!

    Place your orders NOW because this will last until the end of the month.

    After the end of the month I will be taking Pet Joey orders, Meer-cat orders, and a few more orders.

    Along with those orders I may even take Summer Carnival prize orders!

    Thank you for reading this,

  4. I wonder what tomorrow's cloud will be...


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