Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Eggshell Helmet

Welcome to the Animal Jam Sky Blog, Jammers!
Today is Tuesday, April 11th, 2017.

The New Item of the Day is an Eggshell Helmet...

Purchase this in the Hot Cocoa Hut in Mt. Shiveer for 650 gems.

Above are pictured all of the color varieties.
Also, in the Diamond Shop...
You can buy The Raccoon Claw for 3 Diamonds.

The New Video of the Day is "How do coral reefs grow?"...
Watch this video now in the Tierney Theater.

Epic Sky Den

Each Tuesday, a new den is nominated into the Epic Sky Den Hall of Fame for having unique and great design qualities.

The Epic Sky Den is from Cheetah87516...

Ancient Grounds

Congratulations, you have been added to the Epic Sky Den Hall of Fame!
Thanks for the great den design idea. I love the Ancient Grounds at the top of the Beach House cliff. The picture does not do justice for the whole den, everyone should go visit this Epic Sky Den!

Do you want to be an Epic Sky Den? Comment your username below!

Sky News

Did you find yesterday's Yellow Egg?
It was hidden on the Alphas page!

Today's Sky Egg to find is...
The Black Egg!
It is hidden on one of the pages on the Animal Jam Sky Blog. Can you find it? Good Luck!

Today, I just wanted to give a random thank you for reading my blog. You know, I started the blog back in March of 2013, and I expected it to go no where. I could either quit blogging or try my best to improve it, and I chose to improve it.
Sky Thank You

If it wasn't for all of you reading my blog, the Animal Jam Sky Blog would not exist. So, keep reading, keep commenting, keep getting involved, and I will keep the Animal Jam Sky Blog running. Thank you, Sky Jammers!

Sorry, I couldn't fit the whole comment XD

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. That's so nice! I love reading your blog, it makes my day! Also, the egg shell hat is so cute!

  2. I love reading your blog Scooter :D Its amazing and I'm so glad you came back!

    Ouch an eggshell hat? WHAT HAPPENS IF IT CRACKS ON YOUR HEAD? Wait, is it plastic? Idk... XDD
    Btw I wont be able to particapate in the egg hunt this Thursday through Monday, because we are going on a trip to my brother's wedding, just to let you know

    1. Thanks! Have a nice trip!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  3. This blog is my daily checking blog! I remember how happy I was to see it was back up!
    Btw, I have a masterpiece that I would like you to check out! It's off of the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, it's not that good, I would just like you to see it :)

    1. I will definitely have to check it out!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  4. That's quite a nice item!
    Sorry I haven't been commenting in the past few days.
    Your blog is really fantastic, Scooter!
    Off to find the black egg!!


  6. Hi i would like to be an epic sky den member pls my username is Molo900

  7. Absolutely love this helmet.It's really amazing. I think it's important for everyone.Thanks for sharing


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