Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Claw

Hey Jammers!
Today is Wednesday, April 5th, 2017.

The New Item of the Day is an Ivy Porch Swing...
Purchase this in the Jam Mart Furniture Store for 500 gems.

Also, in the Diamond Shop...
You can buy The Seal Claw for 3 Diamonds.

The New Video of the Day is "Are All Spiders Harmful?"...
Watch this video now in the Brady Theater.

Item Spotlight

The Item Spotlight is the Wednesday segment on the Animal Jam Sky Blog, where we analyze one item from Jamaa.

The Item Spotlight this week shines on The Claw...
If you have seen "Toy Story", you will get this reference XD
The Claw is a very rare item in Jamaa, as it has never been released to stores.

It was a Monthly Membership Gift, back when they used to have those, in August 2011. Over the years, it has developed a Rare Tag next to this item. All of the claw machines are based on this original one. In this claw machine, you have a chance to catch any plushie for 5 gems. Also, this is the only claw machine to have the phantom plushies. It has been seen all over Jamaa, including Captain Melville's Juice Hut and the Trading Party.

Rarity: ***** (5/5 Stars)
Status: Members, Land
Rare Tag: Yes
Popularity: ***** (5/5 Stars)

Today's Comment Call: Do you like The Claw? Do you have one? Which other claw machine is your favorite?

What item should be in the Item Spotlight next week? Comment ideas below!

Sky News

Have you found the secret message yet?

It is hidden on one of the pages on the Animal Jam Sky Blog.
Here is a hint on what page to look on: "On this page you will find keys that are one of a kind."
I will show the hidden secret message in tomorrow's post.

The All About Animals Page has been renamed!

It is now called the Animal Guide. The Animal Guide sounds more like our other guides, for example the Adventure Guide, Achievement Guide, etc.

In tomorrow's post, the NEW Skymail Video will be here!
(You can still send gifts until 12 PM EST today)

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Exciting! Haha! I love how you used the toy story reference! I have slot of claws, but I don't have the original one!

    1. I don't have that one either... :P I would trade a few betas for it.

    2. Yeah! I have a claw den :P

  2. I would go with a seal claw machine. I just love seals. Their so cute!

    Booscare 5 :)

    1. Seals are great, I love when their eyes are shut.

  3. Ooh! I have a rare claw machine! I didn't know they were THAT rare! I got quite a few phantom plushies out of them as well! XD I love the Toy Story reference!

    1. The reference is nice! It made me smile.

      I only have one phantom plushie though... But those pushies are cool and very uncommon!

  4. The rare claw machine isn't actually that rare. It's worth a long rare spiked wristband at most, as it's readily available in the forgotten desert.

    I spend too much time in Aldan XD

    I need to watch toy story again.. I haven't seen the first one in years!

    My favourite claw machine is the lynx one. The lynx plushies are adorable!


    1. O.O To me, that's pretty rare...

    2. It's actually a pretty rare item, however, people set it at that value. I KNOW I SPEND TOO MUCH TIME IS ALDAN TOO. But everyone's overrun Jamaa Township, to find the "rare peeps" you have to go to Coral Canyons. :P

  5. I don't have the claw, I've been offered one though! I have no diamond claws. I think it's a really cool concept, I spend my first day on Animal Jam at the claw! I got two neon green raccoons! ^-^

    1. That's cool! My first claw I ever got was I think the llama claw

    2. Ah. I believe I had a wolf claw once, but it's gone... :P

  6. I think the next item spotlight should be clover armor. It's really cool, the coin animation is amazing, and the different variants are interesting! I'd love to learn more about it!

  7. Make COSTUME CORNER !! Is so cool ! Please !

    1. We already have a "Costume Corner", except ours is called Fashion Friday! Every Friday a new outfit is shown of, we give the total price, and a list of items to make it yourself. ^.^

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    2. You could make a page called "Costume Corner" to have all the Fashion Fridays all in one place.

  8. I love the claw ������������������������!!!!!!

  9. how much are the rare -the claw- worth? i have 1 and i cant figure out what its worth.


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