Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hatching Eggs

Greetings Jammers! Tomorrow is Easter!
Today is Saturday, April 15th, 2017.

The New Item of the Day is a Large Nest...
Buy this in the Jam Mart Furniture Store for 600 gems.
Now, you have a warm home for all of your eggs.
I have heard that there are multiple animal options: chickens, chicks, falcons, robins, or crocodiles:

Now I know chicks, crocodiles, and whatever that bird is are confirmed.
Most of them will hatch TOMORROW!

Also in the Jam Mart Furniture Store...
You can purchase a Mossy Stone Pathway for 500 gems.

In the Diamond Shop, you can pick up...

The Deer Claw for 3 Diamonds.

The New Video of the Day is "How deep can whales swim?"...
Watch this video now in the Tierney Theater.

Did you know that  is for x2 Gems?

For the next two weeks, play this game for double gems.

Blu Comic Issue

Every Saturday, a NEW Blu the Monkey Comic Book Issue is released. Blu the Monkey is the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Plushie Comic Series.

The New Comic Book is here...
Click the Comic Book cover to read now.

Issue #77 - "True Love"
Description: Blu the Monkey is trapped in the past, and is trying to save his friends back home when he stumbles upon his parents on their first date.

Comment Call: Did you enjoy the issue? Should I improve anything? What do you think will happen next?

Sky News

The Sky Egg Hunt is almost over....
Yesterday's Blue Egg was hidden on the Blu the Monkey Mini-Blog.
(Blue and Blu, get it XD)

Today is the LAST egg...


Can you find the LAST egg? It is hidden somewhere on the Animal Jam Sky Blog. This one will be a little harder than usual, so remember to check everywhere!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Ooooh, that Blu chapter sounds good! XD

    Aw, thanks for making my comment a featured one. ^.^

    I FOUND THE EGG, WOOO! XD First one to find the extra special egg! :D It's really cool, Scooter!

  2. I finished the egg!!
    My username- pettwix2004
    I wish there were more jammers w
    Who were as nice has you are!😀😀

  3. Cool! I'm so excited to read the Blu issue! I'm really glad the old claws are coming back because i really wanted to make a big claw den!

  4. I found the egg!!!!! I just wish the pet eggs were for nonmember:(

  5. I'm really stuck. I've checked everywhere. I need a clue for the egg.

    Booscare5 :)


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