Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring Phantom Items

Hey Jammers! Thanks for reading.
Today is Thursday, April 6th, 2017.

I have Breaking News for you today! There are TONS of new Spring Phantom Items located in the Diamond Shop...

They are all available for 4 DAYS ONLY, and there are nonmember and member items.
Be sure to pick up your favorites or all of them today!

Did you know that Play Wild has a new pet?

The Pet Fuzzy Lop Bunny! They are so adorable!

Mystery of the Week

The Mystery of the Week is a segment on the Animal Jam Sky Blog that happens every other Thursday. On that day, we unlock the mysteries captivating Jamaa.

The Mystery of the Week is about Unreleased Plushies...

There are a lot of plushies out there: rhino, llama, raccoon, lion, panda, penguin, wolf, and the list could go on for a long time! However, there are many species that we do not have plushies for including:

-Arctic Fox

Here is a couple of pictures of Arctic Fox plushies some jammers have spotted in the claw:

Has anyone actually caught one though?
So, what is going on? Is AJHQ taking a break from plushies?

It seems as if AJHQ has been releasing members only Diamond Shop claw machines to mark the release of new plushies. All we can do now is wait and hope that a new claw will be released. It seems likely these days since all the claws are coming back to stores. *crosses fingers*
What do you think? When will new plushies be released?

Have a mystery that needs to be solved? Comment ideas below, and your idea could be the Mystery of the Week on April 20th, 2017.

Sky News

The Last Skymail Episode is here, it is titled Skymail #24...
Thank you so much for all of the gifts, donations, and more! I love and appreciate all of them. Some of the gifts go towards Contest prizes and other Sky Blog events. This is the last Skymail as of right now because my  membership is ending tomorrow -.-
This video has been uploaded to the Animal Jam Sky Videos Blog.

The secret message was hidden on the Codes Page...

Above is the clue that was hidden. What could be returning?
Find out TOMORROW right here on the Animal Jam Sky Blog!
I am SO excited. This is one of my favorite things ^o^

Today's Comment Call: What do you think is returning? Any ideas?

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Yay! I can't wait to find out what the suprise is!


    2. lol you don't have to correct everyone's grammar mistakes. XD

    3. LOL IS CAPITALIZED. I will grammar police everyone today.

  2. I'm so excited! People have been saying it might be the zoo. I'm not sure myself, but whatever it is I bet it will be cool! I LOVE the new phantom hoodie! I totally looks like something I would wear! It looks great on snow leopards!

    1. You passed the grammar check! Yeah, the hoodie is cool. I really love how most of the items are pink, you don't really see phantom and pink together that much.

  3. I think what's coming back is the zoo? Ah, 3berrygirl got it first. Well, I also think it could be Where in Jamaa? That was a segment on Tuesdays in like 2014. IDK!

  4. A mystery? I know! There's a HUGE glitch on my account where you can't gift me a spike! :D

    Try it!

    (xD No lol, don't do that.)

  5. Animal Jam will release lizards in the future FYI. (Prediction.)

  6. I think the page that is coming back is the Zoo? That would be AMAZING if it is! :D Or maybe... uhm, I don't know! It could be anything! I'm not sure, I can't wait till tomorrow to find out! :D

  7. I think the easter egg hunt might be returning!! If it does I'll be very happy! I used to love it.

    1. I don't remember that... What was that? That's probably it.

  8. I'm excited for the next Blu issue on Saturday even though it's Thursday! :3 I'm excited for that issue all the time, actually! XD :3

  9. I think the Easter egg hunt is returning! I think that because the picture shows a bunny and an egg.


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