Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Animal Jam Year of 2016

Happy New Year's Eve!
Today is the last day of 2016, so this post will be a little different.
We will look back at everything that happened in 2016, and predict what will happen in 2017.

First, lets begin with the last Daily Jamaaliday Gift of December...
It is a Snowflake Balloon, and you will also receive one diamond. Wow, the Daily Jamaaliday Gifts surely went by fast this year!

The new item is a Knitted Sweater...
You can purchase this for 550 gems in the Hot Cocoa Hut. Here are all of the colors:

Let us look back at the year of 2016, with the three biggest events:

#3. New Animals

The New Animals of 2016 were... how do I put this... UNUSUAL!
We got wacky animals like sloths, toucans, and lemurs, and stinky animals like llamas, goats, and pigs. Not to mention the Arctic Foxes, which are basically a small version of Arctic Wolves.
The New Animals come in 3rd place for Animal Jam's 2016 Biggest Changes.

#2. New Pets

2016 was the year for the pets! I couldn't fit them all into the graphic I created above because there were so many new ones, such as meerkats, armadillos, goats, elephants, peacocks, hippos, ferrets, phantoms, and many more. Most of the new pets were available through gift card promotions. The New Pets come in 2nd place for Animal Jam's 2016 Biggest Changes.

#1. New Features

The number one biggest change to Animal Jam of 2016 is the New Features. First off, masterpieces and art galleries have taken over Jamaa (in a positive way). Second, trading has changed. It used to be only trading den and clothing items. Now you have the opportunity to trade den and clothing items, masterpieces, and even your own pets! There are also other features like the Message Wall, Jammer Icons in dens, new dens like Pixel Palace and Peck's Den, and much much more! That is why the New Features come in 1st Place to the Animal Jam Sky Blog's List of Animal Jam's 2016 Biggest Changes.

Not to mention the Animal Jam Sky Blog returning in 2016! That is a big change ;)

We anticipate the new year of 2017 holds, and have already found out that we will have a Message in the Bottle event, a new animal to start off the year right, and even a new Members Daily Spin!

Comment Call: What was your favorite part about Animal Jam in 2016? What new features do you think will come to Animal Jam in 2017?

Sky News

In Sky News, the Animal Jam Sky Blog's New Year Fashion Show starts tomorrow!
So sign up today by 3:00 PM EST before it is too late!

I know that a lot of you were unsure about joining the fashion show. Please, I urge you to just join!
It is fun and simple to join! We will vote respectively someone out every day, and the winner will win a prize. It is a way for everyone to be involved and have fun. We need more spots filled, so if you know any buddies who you think might want to join please tell them. I need to know if you are joining for sure by 3:00 PM EST today! The theme is New Year's, but if you can't dress up as the theme, just wear your best dressed (dress up cool). I hope you all will join!

No Shake-It-Up Saturday segment today because of New Year's.

I am predicting that there might be a Jamaa Journal tomorrow, but we will just have to wait and see!
See you next year (tomorrow)!
Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. My favorite part about 2016, was the drama XD just kidding! My favorite part had to be AJHQ joining the community! I loved that! Amazing post for the end of 2016, and bring in the 2017! ~Addygym

    1. I totally forgot about that part o.o I guess it was pretty cool!

  2. I honestly don't remember much about 2016... I mean, it was when I finally started my blog, but other than that, all I remember were the masterpieces and all of the insane drama! I guess my favourite part was all of the awesome friends I met! (Not going to name them because I'm sure I'll leave someone out!)

  3. Entering the fashion show! Entering my fox, Snowflake Strongfox! :D

    1. Great news! Glad you joined.

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  4. My favorite part of this year, looking back was probably getting involved in blogging and meeting my new friends! Idk what I would do without my friends Tugs, Gracie, Lily, Prince, Frenchie, Ana, Sarah, Lost, Pin, Swirl, and Kara! I love you guys so much and hope you had a great year!



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