Sunday, December 25, 2016

Jamaaliday Extraveganza

Merry Christmas Sky Jammers!

Today is the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Jamaaliday Extravaganza Post!
The Christmas day post with fun extras, contest winners, and much more!

The Daily Jamaaliday Gift of December is a Hat and Beard...

A pink one again, AJHQ! o.o
At least, you will also receive a diamond with this great gift!
The new item is a  located in the Jam Mart Clothing Store...
It is a Jamaaliday Tree Hat, which comes in seven colors:

The New Message in the Bottle of the day says:

When you open the present icon, you will receive a phantom gift!

Hopefully, they will join us soon, since this Message in the Bottle event has been going on since October! To claim this prize remember that the message in the bottle is located in Crystal Sands.

Simple find the bottle and click it!

The Poll results are in, and here are the results...
Your favorite part about the Jamaalidays is the exclusive items available during the Holiday season. Great choice, Sky Jammers!
Remember that you can still vote in the other poll located on the right sidebar of the blog.

This Week

This Week in Jamaa's History...
The Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Treehouse Item were introduced.
Do you remember when Members received Monthly Membership Gifts?
The Gingerbread House is a great den, and recently they introduced a newer and bigger version of this Christmas edible den.

Sky News

In Sky News, something is Coming Soon...

What could it be? I will announce this Animal Jam Sky tradition later this week.

The winner of the Jamaaliday Jingle Contest is Graciepopstar91.
Here is her submission:

Jamaaliday bells, Jamaaliday bells, Jamaaliday all the way!
Oh that fun it is to ride on a one-toucan open sleigh!
Dashing through the snow, on a one-toucan open sleigh,
Or the Township we go, giggling all the way!
Bells on Lost Temple of Zios ring, making spirits.. Festive XD

Remember, God made YOU!

Congratulations, I chose this submission because it shows the fun Jamaaliday spirit while revealing the true meaning of Christmas! If you want your prize, please set up a time to meet with me in Animal Jam by commenting below or emailing me.

If you want to get even more gifts on Animal Jam, try going to the Sky Blog's Code Page..
Enter the codes in Jamaa, and win gems and gifts!

Comment Call: What did you get for Christmas? Any traditions in your family?

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas Day! Merry Christmas!
Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. I GOT MY OWN COMPUTER SCOOTER!I also got a blog! :) ~Addygym/Num

  2. my u is catrose9. i love meowing!

  3. I got these socks that were made out of llama fur!! They were so cute I couldn't take them off! In our family (or at least my mother's side, because they're two different "races" and have two different traditions) we each open a walnut, and if that walnut's healthy, we'll be happy for the next year ^_^
    We also do this really scary thing where my Grandfather cuts this apple and if he cuts through a seed it means someone will die next year :O


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