Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Arctic Coats and Capes

Welcome to the Animal Jam Sky Blog!
The Daily Jamaaliday Gift of December is Milk and Cookies.
Plus, you will also receive a Diamond.
One of the new items is a cool Jamaaliday Cape...
It looks warm! You can purchase this item in the Jam Mart Clothing Store.
Here are the color varieties:
The other new item is located in the Jam Mart Furniture Store...

It is Wrapping Paper to wrap up all of your gifts for your buddies.
Wow, all of the new items today have never been introduced before! Pawesome!
Also, just so you all are aware, the Pillbugs Game is for x2 gems this week.
Play this game in Sarepia Forest if you are needing more gems!

Item Spotlight

Item Spotlight is the Wednesday segment where we look at specific items to rate their rarity, popularity, and other aspects of the item.
The Item Spotlight this week shines on Arctic Coats.
Arctic Coats were first sold during the Beta Days in November 2010.
However, now it looks much different...
Currently, it is sold in the Hot Cocoa Hut in Mt. Shiveer for 250 gems.
It conveniently goes with the other item, the Arctic Hood.
The Arctic Coat also has holiday varieties, such as the Jamaaliday Winter Jacket and Friendship Coat.
There is a rumor that there are secret rare colors, including one that is a turquoise blue/green color.
Overall Ratings for non-rare Winter Coats:
Rarity: * (1/5 stars for non-rare Arctic Coats)
Status: Members-Only
Rare Version: Yes
Popularity: *** (3/5 stars)

This item makes a wonderful Jamaaliday gift!
Comment Call: What item should be in the item Spotlight next week?

Sky News

The winner of yesterday's Discover Day was Kitty95484, who correctly guessed where the image was taken. The answer is in the Host Your Own Party: Castle Party. Congratulations!

New Poll located on the right side column!

The Clearance Tab has been updated!

Reminder: Enter the Jamaaliday Jingle Contest!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. The Jamaalidays have gotten more and more boring for me every year that passes... I guess it's better than just a regular month with no celebrations.


  2. Maybe next week you should feature the jamaaliday bow. Many people use it in their looks (including me) and it is a staple of Animal Jam's holdiday season.


  3. Sweet! :D The next item spotlight should be the Jamaaliday Sweater!

    So srry I haven't been commenting, I have been busy

  4. Hi :) I think, the item spot light should be the festive lights. A pair is magenta, and their is some cool colors. I try to put it in my look as best I could, and it does look pretty good. ( As I think) They flash on your animal as you wear them :). Many people don't use them in looks, however I think they look amazing. I remember last year all everyone wore was festive lights, because of the magenta coloring. Now I am getting sick of the magenta items, but the magenta festive lights look amazing. I challenge you to make a look with festive lights! You don't have to keep it just keep it for at least an hour. Thanks. Bye byes! ~Addygym


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