Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Members Daily Spin

Hey Jammers!
Did you catch the Jamaa Journal update from yesterday?
Starting January 2017, there will be a Member Daily Spin. It looks like you are able to get gifts and diamonds when you land on the different panels.
The Daily Jamaaliday Gift of December is 
These are actually really cool! What color did you receive?
One of the new items for today is located in Jam Mart Clothing Store...
Festive Lights for 450 gems! Here are the color varieties...

The other new item of the day is a Cupcake Pet House in the Jam Mart Furniture Store...

You can buy this classic pet item for 650 gems. It may seem like a lot of gems, but it does make the perfect home for your little pets in the winter!
Also, did you see all of the new winter topiaries in the Saperia Forest Topiary Shop? Take a look:

These items always make a great edition to your festive den!

Discover Day

Discover Day is the Tuesday segment on the Animal Jam Sky Blog where I show a picture, and you try to guess where the picture was taken. If you win, you will be shown on the next post. (I would send you a prize, however I cannot because I am a nonmember -_- )
Today's Discover Day is:
If you know the location of the image above, comment it below.
The first one to comment the correct answer wins! Good Luck!

Sky News

Are you ready for the surprise I was telling you all about yesterday?
The Animal Jam Sky Blog introduces the newest contest..
Yes, the Jamaaliday Jingle Contest! Go to the Contests page to find out more and enter the contest.
The contest ends 12/23/16!

Comment Call: What is your opinion about the Members Daily Spin? Is it fair?

If you want the Animal Jam Sky Blog to continue running, 
please tell all of your buddies and friends about the website! Spread the word!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. AJHQ has let NM have so many privileges. I had an argument with someone about this. Try other games that have members, and non members. They don't give much, SOME DON'T EVEN GIVE OUT CHAT TO NM! Come one guys if you're going to complain try other games, if you don't like how this game treats people go to another game, and try it out. I actually like this idea so many members don't have a lot of diamonds. If non members had this as well it would be pointless because, AJHQ doesn't really put much out in the diamond shop for non members. I really don't mind if you're a non member it just depends on how you act. Some people chose being a non member over membership any day. You should just be happy of some of the stuff you can do. All of the new jamaaliday gifts are for non members, AJHQ gave you guys masterpieces. Don't you think for someone playing their game for free that what they're doing is okay? It should be. Did you know AJHQ needs membership to offer big money? Not many people chose to code, and I know everyone wants to make a video game don't they? Well, if you want to make a video game you may wanna code. I love computers, and coding and I am very independent. Look at Facebook's office they get free food for every meal if they just stay at the office to work for the day. So, I understand what AJHQ is doing. Anyways I think it's good. ~Addygym :)

    1. I agree. The software alone to code AJ must cost around $2000 per worker. The more members AJ has, mote people can be employed and have their software payed for at AJHQ. The more employees, the quicker new animals, features and items can be added to animal jam. And the more things they make for members, the more things they make for non members.


  2. I think the member daily spin is fair. It just confuses me why they didn't think of it sooner, just because it seems like such an obvious idea! And I'm so happy because I got purple candy cane horns! My favourite colour :3


  3. Remember to find the Discover Day! If you are the first one to correctly guess where the image above was taken, you will be featured in tomorrow's post!

    --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  4. I think the Discover Day is in the name your own party tab! I believe it is in the castle background.


    1. Congratulations! You won the Discover Day, and will be featured on tomorrow's post.

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  5. I'm really excited for the new member spin. Finally I can have diamonds to spend XDD

    I think the discover day is someplace in the medieval host your own party but I have no clue


  6. Scooter! I havent been on this blog in so long!! Are you back???


    1. Welcome back 3berrygirl! I am back, tell your buddies!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)


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