Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ridiculous Rares

Hey Jammers! The Update is Here!
Today is Thursday, March 30th, 2017.

April Fools' Day is here, and with it comes some ridiculous rates on this wild weekend. For the next four days, you can find all of the Rare items hidden in the stores (2 will be released each day.) Pick them up before they are gone! Today's items are:

Rare Giant Paws for 3 Diamonds in the Diamond Shop, and...

A Rare Cheese Hat for 800 gems in the Jam Mart Clothing Store. However, many jammers aren't allowed to purchase it...

There is a glitch that prevents the user to buy it. Hopefully it will be patched before it leaves stores tomorrow!

YES! ^o^ Liza's den, called Liza's Garden, has finally been released and it is spectacular, there are multiple rooms, a cave, bamboo, rivers, and more!

Pick one up in the Diamond Shop for 7 Diamonds.

As predicted, the 1,000 Buddy Slots are here. Now members can enjoy lots of buddies...

Sadly, I only have 110 Buddies :(
If you want to buddy me I will always except so look me up! My user name is chocolate4050!

The super-fast cheetahs are back in Jamaa. You can pick one up in the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds...

Speaking of fast, there is a new game in Jamaa called "Fast Foodies"

It is actually really fun, and you can play it now!

The Spring Festival Adventure has arrived for all jammers...

It is a super fun Adventure, and it will be added to the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Adventure Guide in tomorrow's post, so look forward for that!

The Conservation Museum exhibit "Speed in Nature" is available! Also, Snow Leopards are jealous that Cheetahs have returned, so they will be returning from their travels too in the next Jamaa Journal!

The last page is of a Spring Bunny advertisement. The Spring Bunny has a special flower effect, and comes with a carrot-filled furniture set!

Speaking of furniture, the Jam Mart Furniture Store now has tons of default nonmember furniture...

They are all for 50 gems! This is so pawesome!

The New Item in the Jam Mart Clothing Store is Horned Leg Pads...

They come in a variety of colors for 400 gems...
This item is an Animal Jam classic!

THIS GAME IS/WAS SUPER RARE and now you can buy it for just 2 Diamonds!

In the Secret Epic Showroom...
You can find and purchase the mysterious secret item...
A Chestnut Roasting Cart for 750 gems! Thanks, AJHQ!

Finally, there are lots of New Spring Jamagrams...

Sky News

The Jamaa Journal Archive has been updated...

Click the banner above to see the new issue and more!

The Winners of Jammer of the Month and Pet of the Month will be announced on April 1st!

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. EEK! I've wanted a Chinese New Year's den for the last 2 years! (seems kind of odd that they'd release it now, after the Chinese New Year celebration in AJ is over, but I'm not questioning it!)

    Super excited for the update =D

  2. This was an awesome update!! I can't wait to explore it later!! :)

  3. I thought today's update was awesome too! It had everything from a new den, rare items, a new game, and a returning animal and adventure!

    --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  4. Lol, everyone's trying to scam with River Race... :P No one will because of the diamond symbol, thank goodness. This was a cool update! I like how there's rares each day. But I really like the new non-member furniture! It's actually nice looking and cheap and I love it! :D

    1. Yeah, I feel bad for anyone who's traded spikes for the river race games in the past

    2. I know right! I have a bunch of items right now that are going to come back but I don't feel like going out there and trading them away. :P

    3. I love the furniture, except I wish you could change the color for it!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    4. Did you know instead of the default blue rug and table that you start out with as a new jammer, it's now those items?!

  5. *buys RIM t-shirt* - 2,400 gems. *buys 40 couches* - 2,000 gems.


  7. On the Jamaa Journal, it says 3 new rare items! Which means that 5 ridiculously rare items are coming back! UH OH.

  8. SCREAm new den! tbh everyone says its a Chinese new year den but its just lizas garden. i mean i understand tho, she is a panda after all.

    1. True! Welcome to the blog by the way, I am glad to see you commenting! ^-^

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  9. I won fast foodies, getting 3 paws on all of them! :D I wish my bday was in Spring :P Then I could get the Spring Bunny.. *sigh*
    And I love how they made it so we could have one thousand buddy spaces! Even though I do NOT need it at all (I don't haven even 100 buddies XD) IT makes it so Famous Jammers and Artist can buddy us! :D Today AJHQ, Nymph, and Clhoe buddied me (Not trying to brag!)

  10. where are the ridiculous rares sold today? (friday)


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