Friday, March 3, 2017

Lucky Party + Clovers

Hey Jammers! Great update yesterday!
Today is Friday, March 3rd, 2017.

If you missed yesterday's update, you can get full details here...
Simply click the image above to read yesterday's post.

The New Item of the Day is located in the Jam Mart Clothing Store...
Purchase a Clover Blanket for 200 gems. Here are the colors:

Also, in the Jam Mart Clothing Store, Pot O' Gold Earmuffs are for sale...
Buy one of these for 700 gems. Here are the varieties:

In the Diamond Shop, you can buy a Clover Cloud...

Now the luck can rain down on you for 3 Diamonds.

Finally, underwater in the Bahari Bargains shop...

Clover Necklaces are for sale for 300 gems. Here are the color varieties:

The Lucky Party is back, and here are the item available to purchase...
Also, you can buy the Lucky Music for 1 Diamond. To learn more about the Lucky Party, watch the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Lucky Party 2017 Tour video...
Click the play button to watch, or watch it on the Animal Jam Sky Videos Blog.

Did you notice the new Jam-A-Gram postcard designs?
I love these classic cards. Be sure to wish your buddies a Happy Lucky Day, and tell them about the Animal Jam Sky Blog!

Mystery of the Week

The Mystery of the Week is about Clearance Items and Traveling Animals.

In Jamaa, items come and items go all the time, but where exactly do they go? If we pretend like Jamaa is real, then where do the clothes that go on clearance go? Do jammers buy them all? Do they go into inventory or a storage department in the back of the stores?

Also, animals are traveling all the time. Most recently, Eagles, the first Animal Jam flying animal, has flown away on travels. 
THE WHOLE EAGLE SPECIES. Why did they all have to leave? Where could they have gone? Why do animals travel? Do they go to lands in Jamaa we currently do not know about in the far west region?

These are certainly mysteries and will remain mysteries!
The Clearance Tab has been updated...
Click the banner above to see all the items and animals leaving Jamaa.

Sky News

The Adventure Guide has been updated with Lucky Clovers...
Click the banner above to see facts and prizes!

The Jamaa Journal Archive has been updated...

Click the banner above to read the new issue.

Yesterday, I announced that I would reveal a Blu the Monkey secret today. Here it is:
I want to just prepare you for tomorrow's issue of Blu the Monkey. Something unfortunate will happen to one of Blu's friends. :( Let me just leave you with this, the title for tomorrow's issue is "Cheep's Last Chirp". You won't want to miss it!

Also, I know last week we got Poll Results that we would be having a party. Well, I haven't forgot about it, I am just trying to plan the best day to have the party. So, get ready for a party coming soon.

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. great post! Hmm... maybe the DO go into clearance! And oh no... Cheep.... *cries*

    1. If I think what's gonna happen is gonna happen to Chirp, I'm gonna make him a memorial :(

  2. NO.


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