Friday, March 17, 2017

Lucky Day Celebration

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Today is Friday, March 17th, 2017.
I want to wish all of you a Happy Lucky Day!

The New Item of the Day is a Potted Clover Hat...
Purchase this lucky item in the Jam Mart Clothing Store for 650 gems. Here are the colors:

Kind of a wacky item, but lucky none-of-the-less!

In the Jam Mart Furniture Store, you can buy a Lucky Rainbow Lamp...

It costs 750 gems. Can we all agree that this is a very cool item?! I love it!

Finally, in the Diamond Shop, the Wolf Claw is now available...

Buy this Plushie Claw Machine for 3 Diamonds.

The New Video of the Day is "World's Deadliest: Hypnosis Attack"...
Watch this video now in the Sarepia Theater.

The secret shop in the Lucky Castle Epic Den Showroom has released a new item...

It is a Metal Coat Hanger for 550 gems. Thanks for the help yesterday finding this lucky item!

Lucky Day Celebration

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I will give you ways to celebrate this lucky day...

Dress in Green

Almost every jammers dresses in green, so don't get pinched!

Send St. Patrick's Jam-A-Grams
Send your best buddies a nice Lucky Day Jam-A-Gram.

Play Lucky Clovers

Play this limited time holiday adventure, and check out the Lucky Clovers profile in the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Adventure Guide.

Decorate Your Den
Of course, you should decorate your den in green decorations. Dens that are perfect for this include the Lucky Castle and the Small House Den.

Go to the Lucky Party

Stop by this fun party and pick up a four-leaf clover. Also, look at the Lucky Party profile in the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Party Guide.

Host your own Party
Host a party in your decorated den with random jammers, or invite your buddies.

Buy all of the Green Items

Visit all the stores, and stock up on the Lucky Items.

Take Photos in the Decorated Jamaa
AJHQ has decorated Jamaa's lands in green, so take some pictures with these decorations and even invite some of your best buddies.

Go Green, Play Games

Play games, such as Super Sort, to go Green this March.

Paint a Lucky Masterpiece
The Lucky Masterpiece Frame is now in stores, so draw a Masterpiece in the Art Studio.
Always remember to submit your artwork to the Animal Jam Sky Art Blog!

Color Coloring Pages
Enjoy these wonderful coloring pages, and for more ways to download this go here.

There you have it, Jammers! That is just some of the ways you can celebrate Lucky Day on Animal Jam, and be sure to wear green to not get pinched ;)

Fashion Friday

As many of you know, Fashion Friday has returned every Friday, and Mystery of the Week has moved to every other Thursday.

The Fashion Friday of the week is by sarahkey8...
Cool, thanks for giving us this grrrreat fashion idea!
The cost is above, and the outfit consists of a Raccoon Tail, Clover Top Hat, Lucky Leg Armor, Lucky Body Armor, and a Princess Necklace. If you want to see other Fashion Friday ideas, you can scroll to the bottom left side-column of the blog under "Categories" and click on "Fashion Friday".

Comment Call: Got a Fashion Friday idea for next week? Comment your username and animal name below on this post!

Sky News

The Poll Results are in...

It looks like your favorite part about Lucky Day is the Lucky Clovers Adventure!
I really like that adventure too ^-^

A New Page is Coming Soon...

In just two short days, it will be released.
Hint: This will be the second time this page will be released.

Don't miss tomorrow's post on the Animal Jam Sky Blog because it is the 4th-Year Blogiversary! We will celebrate by looking back at pawesome moments on the blog, and a new Blu the Monkey Issue will be published.

Have Fun and Happy Jamming!


  1. Can't wait for tomorrow's post!!


  3. Congrats also on the bloggeriversary tommorow! I'm so happy for you! Also, a few things!

    First: I asked a few questions on the ask Blu page just so you know :)

    Also, are you gonna have a party for the Bloggervirsary?

    1. Okay, I will try to get Blu and friends to answer those questions as soon as possible. We probably won't have an official party, but something similar. Find out tomorrow!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  4. Wow, I can't believe it's Lucky/St. Patrick's Day already! Time flies...

    Those are some great ways to celebrate! I actually made my whole main look green as well. ^.^ And I'm wearing a green shirt in real life too, hehe! XD I decorated my den for Lucky Day this week. It's for my party, which is in two days. ^-^

    Whoa, congrats on the big bloggeriversary! Mine is coming up too but yours is a way bigger achievement than mine. XD

    Happy Lucky Day, everyone!!

    1. You too! And happy early bloggeriversary! To me, all bloggeriversaries are special!

    2. Congrats on your Blogiversary, too! Happy Lucky Day!

      --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    3. Thanks, Scooter. :) Mine is April 15th. I'm planning on posting a huge surprise. CX

      Happy Lucky Day! (too bad it's almost over.)

  5. Happy lucky day, everyone!!
    That lamp is beautiful. I'm definetly going to get one.
    I'm excited for the blogiversary tomorrow!


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