Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ant Farm

Hey Jammers!
No update today, but there will be one next Thursday!
The New Item released in the Jam Mart Furniture Store is an Ant Farm...
Nice little item to have in the Summer. However, if you watch the Ants trail, they come out of the bottom right, circle around, and then run into another ant and disappears. o.O
The Sarepia Theater has a new video in it's theater...
Humpback Whales are making a splash. Another whale video! Remember what I said in last week's Mystery of the Week? 
The Daily Explorer posted Rhino Jammer Art...
I posted it on the Sky Art Mini Blog, so click above to see the Art!
I finally made it to the Jamaaliday in Jamaa Party, in other words the Jamaaliday Jam....
It looks like the items are the same, nothing new. It is nice to have a cool down party in Summer.

Sky News

Fireflyer has gained immunity based on yesterday's twist...
You can't vote out Fireflyer anymore! She is safe until the final round!
Comment Call: Vote a Pet out!

 A New Blu Mini Bios is here....
Click above to read about Red the Fox!

Rhinos have ventured to the All About Animals page.....
Click above to read about these boastful creatures!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. Replies
    1. I vote out Earthowl, I'm really sorry for that!
      I LOVE the new ant farm! It looks awesome! Yay! A new all about animals animal! ~3berrygirl~

    2. Oh! I say the advertisement, Maybe its a pet party!

    3. I vote out micro tiger to, sorry! Yay I have invincibility thing! I love the new rhino animal!

  2. Sorry Microtiger.
    Good luck next time! ;)
    Anywho, you appeared in the top four. That's a great honor! :3

    1. Ya every one who got this far is a big congrats!

  3. Cottoncandygal11257July 17, 2014 at 6:29 AM

    Well, I got voted out two days ago..
    But I'm glad I made it this far :3
    But today, I vote a microtiger. Sorry..

    And out of the fashion show, I love that ant farm! Looks cool! :D


  4. Hey Jammers! The ant farm is a nice addition to a peaceful scene or den!

    1. It is, but I never did notice that the ants' path wasn't realistic. Nice catch, Scooter! :D

  5. But I love micro tiger!!!! I LIKE YOU ALL!!!!!

    Hawk13, I usually can't comment from my phone DX

  6. Omg I can but I can't do it from awesome sauce 😕😕

  7. Microtiger is so cool why could u vote that pet out XD!!! I vote out earthowl...

    1. Firefox and Microtiger are to common looking. They aren't original at all

  8. I vote out Firefox! Yay ant farm :D I saw those before or we had one, wait I saw one...something like that?


  9. I vote earthowl out...... Sorry!!

  10. ❄Earthowl❄


  11. I vote out Firefox Sorry great try though!!

    yay ant farms i love them!

  12. Replies
    1. I like your owl! If you are out congrats on getting this far! Good luck!

  13. I vote out firefox. -Ldbug999

  14. Sorry microtiger you gotta go so I vote out microtiger -icypaw97

  15. i vote out microtiger he no original -lovemimi24

  16. I VOTE OUT MICROTIGER! ~ Xerneas9

  17. I vote out firefox

  18. I vote out EarthOwl... I still feel bad doing this after all this time! -Applestorm

  19. I vote out Firefox, sorry!

  20. It's getting hard D: I like them all! Umm I would have to vote out Firefox. Sorry :(
    ~ Mollybear


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