Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Waterfall Sprinklers

Jamaa News________________

Welcome Jammers!
The New Item in the Jam Mart Furniture Store is a Waterfall Sprinkler...
This item brings back so many memories! Go to my den to see a cool thing I did with this item. My den is chocolate4050!
 The Aquarium has a glowing new video.....
Poor Jellyfish with no eyes ^.^
The Daily Explorer posted an article about Box Turtles....
Watch this cool new video by Brady Barr!
Have you noticed that the Epic Seasonal Tree has something new...
The little Mama Robin is back making a nest!

Epic Sky Den________________

The Epic Sky Den of the Week goes to Coolpapa70232 for their idea of a Cosmo's Den!
Congrats, you have been added to the Epic Sky Dens Hall of Fame!

Sky News________________

The Next Blu issue is here....
Click Above to read this new issue!

2 More Days to enter the Draw Scooter Contest!
Dooda123 won yesterday's Discover Day. Answer: The Forgotten Desert
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: Before you read the Blu Issue, what do you think Sneak is up to?


  1. 1st!
    Sneak is skal I think!
    Waterfall sprinklers are so cool!
    Love what u did with urs scooter!
    Glowing jelly fish.. That's... New.
    Congrats cool papa!
    I love the robin! Comment what you think her/his name should be!

    1. Peach or Treble :D Or maybe even Melody!

    2. PS: I meant the robin name :)

  2. Yay mrs eagle is the gym teacher!!!!!!!!! THANKS SCOOTER!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. And black glove rare by the way

    2. sorry just talking nonsense here

    3. and i got rare mech angel wings for a skull tombstone!

    4. and someone had a waterfall park

    5. Scooter, I like your new snow leopard!

    6. And this is so awesome just got a red worn for my extra rare mech angel wings wow this is so awesome!

    7. And I love the robin! His/her name should be-
      His name; Relly
      Her name; Melody
      Love it too!

    8. I noticed it a while ago it flies across your screen sometimes!

  4. 2nd My buddy had the waterfall sprinkler and she thought it was so rare. She has a good den and her username is Sheedzu. She is usually online.

  5. Maybe he'll get a wolf to attack sly? X3 I dunno.

  6. I'm having a party at my den today, celebrating my blog AJ Dive's 50 views (don't laugh)... Would anyone mind coming? It's at 5:30 EST, in my den. I'm gonna try to make it fun with games and maybe a giveaway... So yeah. ^-^

  7. Oh man I better hurry with the drawing XD

  8. Your den is pretty cool, Scooter! Also, I had posted a comment on the last issue of Blu the Monkey of what I had thought was gonna happen!

  9. Nice job coolpapa! I know you've been working a long time for this bro!

  10. Hmm... maybe Sneak was going to try to become close friends with them, and then, well, sneak attack them in one way or another. He might not hurt them physically, but cause troubles for them that could prove even more dangerous. He might break their friendship, hurt their feelings, or maybe he might even attack and hurt them. My opinion ^.^ Can't wait to read the new issue now! *presses publish button and goes to Blu's blog*

  11. Scooter,
    I rlly like ur den. I like wut u did with does items. o,o

  12. I gave mrs.eagle to scooter and now she's the gym teacher!!!!!! She's so stressed out lol

  13. I can't wait to see blueberry the blue panda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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