Monday, May 19, 2014

Elf Hat Snakes + Hyena Videos with Blu

Jamaa News________________

Hello Jammers! I am back from my 1 Day Trip!
I got home early yesterday, but I decided to wait to post until today!
The Rare Item Monday in the Jam Mart Clothing Store is Rare Elf Armor....
 Looks: ****
Price: **
Jamaasian: *****
11/15 is pretty good! Looks like AJHQ can't decide with the labels.
Yesterday's New Item in the Jam Mart Clothing Store was a Ten Gallon Hat...
Did you know that it is called a "Ten Gallon Hat" because old Cowboys used to say that it was so big you could fit ten gallons in the hat! This was not true though ^.^
Original Color: Brown
The Brady Theater has released a new video....
Yuck, leeches! >.<
The Daily Explorer posted an article about Portals and Space....
Notice they are both by Graham! That's pawesome!

This Week________________

 This Week in Jamaa's History....
2013 - Brady's Expeditions were released
2012 - Giraffes came to Jamaa
2012 - The Bunnies Only Party was released
2012 - Coral Canyons Journey Book was released
2013 - Club Geoz under construction
That is this Week in Jamaa's History!

Mystery of the Week________________
The Mystery of the Week is about the Hyenas!
Well, Jamaa finally knows what the new animal is... Hyenas!
We also know that they are defiantly coming in the next Jamaa Journal.
The question is will the be Member or Nonmember?
If member will they be Diamond Shop or Gems?
What will they look like when they are playing, sitting, hopping, sleeping, or dancing?

Comment Call: What do you think?

Sky News________________

The Videos Tab has been remodeled...
Enjoy this new look to watch your favorite Animal Jam Sky Blog videos!
Be sure to check out the new video Skymail #17!
The New Blu the Monkey Issue has arrived....
Click above to read the issue!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I love blu the monkey I always go to scooters den to see him

    1. Me too!! And congrats on first! Heres a doughnut!!!! :D

    2. Same!
      The rare goes with
      the rare from last week!
      I luv blu issues!
      I don't think hyenas will be
      non members since AJHQ
      wants all non member animals to
      stay the same. And it will probably be
      diamonds. Since their hyenas their play
      will probably be laughing!

    3. The signs are mixed up!
      Ha! We'll it does only last for a day

    4. I luv blu issues!
      There the second best thing about the blog!

    5. 1st best is the people involvement!

    6. Like commenting
      and joining things like contests and stuff!

  2. 2ND! I saw you scooter sorry I was probably annoying to you but I don't see you often so you realize that....

  3. ...I try to talk to you when I can, so I can get to know you. Anyway, Scooter have you read the chronicles of Narnia? Or watched the movies?

    1. Omg! I have done both! That is what I meant when I said Spec reminded me of Eustace XD. Idk about Scooter though...

    2. Ha ha ha! Your right! He does seem like Eustace!

    3. Could you look at my den? It is really cool and I am remodeling it! Thanks,
      (I found out my username is a brand of boxers) "o"

    4. I went to your den and it was awesome!!!

    5. Yes, I have read all of the books and own all of the movies. They were my favorite!!


  4. Replies
    1. Hyenas MIGHT actually be nonmember, but they're most likely member...
      It's probably gonna be diamonds.
      Idk anything else x3 going to go read the Blu issue.

      New blog -

  5. My blog is actually pretty new I made it like a month ago

  6. {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252
    {\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 ArialMT;}

    \f0\fs26 \cf2 \cb3 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0
    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 I hope the hyena is for none member because I'm going nm in a week :( which really sucks because I'm making my plushie comic this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and I need the den portal which is members which is gonna really suck}

    1. If u want me to buy some den portals to you,np,just ask :3


    2. U would really do that but I kind of need a den portal sooner

    3. We'll I need the den portal which is members only so I can't have a den portal in my den when I go nm

  7. I have blog but my computer wont let me take screenshots! >:C

    1. U could borrow pictures from my blog as long as say that u get them from me

  8. And i think the hyenas could be for nm more it will be for member,and i think for gems ,cause,DIAMONDS ARE SO ANNOYING AJHQ STAHP.

    And so,i got an Rare Viking Helmet on the lost desert(some people say The Lost Dessert XD dessert)

    -melimeow ;n;

  9. I think maybe hyenas are member cuz AJ always starts with member like remember how the penguin came into Jamma?
    They became popular AJ made them into non member instead a member so Im not sure but Hyenas look cuter XD

  10. aye, i hope you had fun on your one day family trip, friend! c:

    I think that Hyenas will be member, but I don't really think they'll be in the diamond shop. Well, they could be, in all honesty, but they wouldn't really be worth it. (lmao i'd still get one but i'd be really disappointed)

    And, I'm not sure about the rest of the actions, but I'm willing to bet that their play action will be them rolling around on the ground laughing! Kinda like in the video! c:


  11. The hyenas will definetly be 1000 gems since eagles were the last animal and they were 10 diamonds. The hyenas will probably be member, but it would be great if they were nonmember. Either way, I am excited for them coming to Jamaa!

  12. I want hyenas to be nonmember and gems, but they will probably be member and gems. But I am certainly exited!

  13. Aj has been making a lot of nonmember things lately so there's a good chance that the hyenas will be nonmember since the deer were gems then the cheetahs and eagles were diamonds that should mean that the hyenas are gems :):) if the hyenas are not gems then I'm gonna be sad but I hope there NONMEMBERS cuz I really want one when I go nonmember!

  14. I'm hoping the item will take off in rarity because it's the first Monday rare to have both the rare plaque and last day sign.

    The tales cowboys tell are pretty remarkable, especially when they're put on the spot. I've always wondered why they didn't ride cows instead of horses.

    A lot of players thought Brady's Expeditions were cheesy, but I liked it and I'm hoping for another expedition!

    As for the Monday Mystery, usually the animals that have puzzles end up being members-only gem animals, like the deer and raccoon, but at this point, AJHQ is basically forced to make it an all-Jammer animal, or else their earnings will plummet, and they will lose a lot of Jammers.

    1. Scooter, what is your username on poptropica?

  15. Hi! Hyenas are probably gonna be member like eagles and deer. ._. And....
    Im with u! Leeches r gross!! The look like blackishslugs!
    Hana40276 talking to you!!

  16. I think hyenas are gonna be member because, I mean, AJHQ just wants to get jammers to buy memberships so they can get money. They will probably sleep on their backs all stretched out. PLAY: probably roll around on the ground laughing I haven't figured out a hypothesis on how they dance.

    Thanks! -blurmercer03

  17. I have something funny to confess that I did at Scooter's den. I went up to Blu the Monkey and talked to him like he was a celebrity (not that he is but, u get what im saying). I was saying stuff like "Oh my gosh, I'm actually talking to Blu the Monkey! Anyways, I just wanted to share that funny story with everyone!

    1. I have mini-Blu from the summer carnival x3
      When the carnival rolls around, scooter could buy mini-Blu and feature him as a long lost bro xD


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