Thursday, May 8, 2014

Greely's Smile

Jamaa News________________

Welcome Jammers to the Animal Jam Sky Blog!
The New Item in the Sunken Treasures Shop is a Sunken Greely Tiki Statue....
Well, if you thought that the other Alpha Tiki Statues were freaky, take a look at today's new one!
It is the last Tiki Statue of the underwater series. 
The Daily Explorer posted an article about Picnics.....
Look this article is signed by Liza! Pawesome, thanks Liza!
Also, I know I should have posted this a long time ago, but these are the items you can see at the revamped Heatwave Party....
Pretty, much same as last year.

Sky News________________

Ready for the Big Surprise.....
*Click photo to see bigger version*
Comment Call: Yay! Another Sky Scenes. If you are new, Sky Scenes is the TV series from the Animal Jam Sky Blog, where you are the actor! This is the 3rd Episode, so sign up today only.

Clearance Tab updated with TONS of new Last Minute Deals!
Bunnies will be added tomorrow on the All About Animals page!
Have fun and happy jamming!!



    Username: chocolate4050
    Animal Actor: Koala
    I have never been an actor. Thanks!


    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! did my favorite alpha have to look so dorky???

    2. My username: Papyjam
      My actor: Tiger
      I have never and always
      wanted to be sky actor!
      Thanks Scooter!

    3. Oops, I mean-
      Username: Bluepenguinprince
      My actor: Koala
      I have never and always
      wanted to be a sky acoter!
      Thank you Scooter!

    4. Ok! Is this buy is good or bad? Comment what you think!
      I bought for one diamond today-
      Cost: 1 Diamond
      Item(s): Head Feather, Slingshot, Aj second b-day cake, and pink purse...
      Was that a good buy?

    5. Scooter, Look at my blog! I finally posted and I made a new poll with you on it!!

    6. Wow, I saw that poll, thanks! I don't think that I am the most famous jammer ^-^


  2. my username: tig47498
    my actor: raccoon
    i have never been a actor be for and it sounds fun :)

  3. user - missdarlingjammer
    i WILL play ANY actor as i have all the animals needed
    i HAVE been in one before i think it was the first it was at christmas anyway.
    many thanks.

  4. Username violet86271
    Animal koala
    I have never been in one

  5. I mean I have never been an actor before

  6. Username: wessie4chu
    animal actor: fox or raccoon
    I have NEVER EVER been a actor before

    1. Reason: I absolutely luv this blog
      and I have never been in a sky science or
      a journey of the wolves before.
      I have only seen one journey of the wolves
      and no sky scences?
      It would mean a lot to be in one!
      But I don't mind if I don't

    2. And Greeley's smiling!

  7. Username: Soccergirl209
    Animal Actor I'd like to be: Fox
    Actor or not? No I have never been an actor and would be delighted to be in one of your sky scenes, Scooter.

  8. Username: AJpaleggs
    Animal: Fox
    Actor/Not Actor: Not in real life.... But I make (made) AJ comedy videos.

    1. Well I'll be any animal, but preferably a fox :3

  9. User: Hawk13
    animal: fox or raccoon
    I have not been an aj actor before but in the summer I go to an acting camp!!

    Thanks scooter!

  10. User: jam52099
    Animal: Raccoon
    I have never been an actor, but I love to act!


  11. hey scooter wat happened to the advertisement


    1. The Advertisement was for the Sky Scenes, which today is the sign ups.


  12. User christmas0910
    Animal I am fine with being any animal I have all the animals on the list
    I have never been in sky scenes before it sounds really cool and I love acting in real life. Thanks scooter even if you don't pick me I know you will pick who you think is best for sky scenes. Thanks again!

  13. User: Owlzzz
    Actor Animal: Bunny or koala
    I have not been an actor before, but I have performed on stage.

  14. User: snowyowl38332
    Actor: maybe a wolf? Or a panda? My membership just expired
    I am practicing for a play,and today I'm auditioning for the talent show with my BFF.

  15. User-CMO1st
    I have never been a actor :D

  16. User: 1234Soph Animal: Fox Experience: I have never acted.

  17. User blueberryb
    Animal koala
    Never been an actor

  18. User: Kitkat8529
    Animal: I honestly don't mind which I am
    I have never been an actor before
    (Please bear in mind that I live in the UK if you pick me, because of time zones)

  19. User: Xavier883
    Animal: Umm, Any1, If you want have me as a backup actor
    I have been on 'Squashed', that's why I want to be a backup actor
    Umm, Anything Else I have to add?

  20. Username: Fox279
    Animal Actor: Fox
    Reason: Every day, since the 26th of January, I have been reading each and every post on here and I have never been a Sky Actor. I attended the Birds Only Party but I couldn't go to the other parties since they were on to late in my time zone. Thanks for reading, Scooter!

  21. Username: Kayla1501
    Animal I would like to be: A Fox, I also have a raccoon!!
    Actor or not: I'm an actor in both real life and on Animal Jam.

  22. User:marypoppinsrox
    I would like to be fox but you don't have to choose me it's ok if u don't

  23. User: blurmercer03
    Animal: fox
    I have never been in Sky Scenes before.

  24. I would like to be in this movie. My username is doogal, and I would like to be any part, if possible, I have all three animals. I don't care if you give me any role. But no, I have not been in a sky scene before. Thanks!

  25. Ok Here I Go... IM NOT GONNA GET IN D; Username:paige16663 Animal: a FOXy animal!! NO NO I HAVE NOT BEEN IN ANYTHING YET.

  26. Hi Scooter! I would like to enter the contest for being an AJSB actor:

    My AJ username: aazukaa

    My AJ animal: Koala

    Have I been an actor before?:

    No. I would like to be actor because first of all I have never been one, second because that sounds like an AWESOME opportunity and third because this is going on in the AJSB, THE BEST BLOG EVER! Anywho, I want to be actor because this is my b-day month. And my last reason is, in school we are doing a concert you see, and we tried out for solos for music, and the girl that ALWAYS gets the good parts in the concerts got the solo. So if I get this part of being an actor, I can tell you this, I will be so happy because I haven't ever gotten an awesome part anywhere. Thanks for reading this Scooter:) Bye~

  27. User:
    Animal: Raccoon
    Have I ever been?: Nope. I'm making a few AJMV's, and I've acted in school. A filmer is coming tomorrow to film me also, so I am not camera shy.

  28. Username: bunnycute39 Animal: Fox No I never been an actor.

  29. User: hiphopbunny12345
    Status: Member
    Animal: Fox
    Reson: I have wanted to be an Actress my whole life. As I told you I got the lead in my Classroom play. :D. I really hope you can choose me. And, I will do ANY of the parts. Fox, Raccoon, Koala. I will be very happy if you choose me.


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