Monday, May 5, 2014

Rare Sunglasses

Jamaa News________________

Hello Jammers!
The Rare Item Monday in the Jam Mart Furniture Store is Rare Sunglasses....
Looks: *****
Price: ****
Jamaasian: **
Have fun in the sun with this Rare Item!
The Sarepia Theater has a new video...

The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Rare item Monday...
They almost look like 3D Glasses ^.^

Mystery of the Week________________

As said above, a new animal is coming to Jamaa!
What could the animal be? I posted a poll on the right column to select your answer.
Hyena, Wolverine, or whatever could it be?
Anyway from the last Jamaa Journal there was a "We are coming" article...
We still have one more Pet or Animal? 
Will it be nonmember? Diamond Shop? Member?

Sky News________________

New Background for Blu the Monkey
Have you noticed a new "Advertisement"? What could that be?
Find out later this week!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: Which animal in Jamaa is the best and why?


  1. I think the Arctic Wolves are the best. They're so cool, and look great in almost every clothing item!

    1. I like five animals the best.
      1. Seal; they go with everything!
      2: Tiger; they are very sturdy, and everything looks goo on them.
      3; Giraffe; these animals look SO great, although back items are tiny on them!
      4; Bunnies; they are SO cute. (And traditional!)
      5; Pandas; I have to be loyal! These are some great creatures, though they are despised by most jammers!
      Ok. That was on AJ. Now for real life!
      1. Deer; I always wanted to pet one!
      2. Jackrabbits; they are so fast and sleek!
      3. Cats. I just want one really bad!
      4. Dog; they are good friends!
      5. Eagle; I have always wanted one for a pet!
      Scooter Jake Flaherty is vandalizing your blog!

    2. How?

    3. How is jake vandalizing this blog?

    4. Can you tell me the URL to his website please?


  2. lions are the best because there the king of the jungle and i love the new back round for blue the monkey

    1. I like all of the animals. To me they are all awesome and cute in their own ways.

    2. I think that it is ether a wolverine or tasmanin devil. I pretty sure that it will be one of those animals.

  3. I have 4 favorite animals x3
    1. Seal cause it was my first animal
    2. Bunny cause it was my second animal
    3. Fox cause of how great it looks and it was my first member animal
    4. Crocodile cause of the memories I've had while being one :3
    The sunglasses are awesome :D If only they were nonmember...

  4. i don't know what animal is best i like them all!


  5. The best animal in jamaa is the wolf or arctic wolf. The reason is because almost all members have at least one arctic wolf. But then almost everyone has a wolf even non members

  6. It has to be a tasmanian devil, I'm not so sure though. The tail is almost as the same as one though. I think it might be a wolverine, not so much of a hyena. That's my guess.
    If I had to pick what one I had to think more the new item is out of 1-10...

    Hyena: 6/10
    Wolverine: 8/10


  7. Cool raccoon rare!
    Maybe there is pet cheetahs,
    A diamond animal
    And a member non diamond animal!
    I think eagles are beta cause they can fly.
    I also like snow leopards cause they do

  8. X3 I like the snow leopard play action too.

  9. Mystery of the week - Cheetah first paw, hyena middle,2? paw and the last i think is BENGAL TIGER! <- well i think im not good with animal furs...

    Comment Call : Bunnies, my bunny sparkle tinyrose was my first AJ animal and i really love she and they are so cute i think bunnies are fluffy and loyal.

    and about the R.I.M omg so perfect XD !


  10. I really like snow leopards... Nothing looks bad on them really..... And there colors are really cool and well I just like em O.O

  11. Can someone send me the RIM? Ian avabug01

  12. I'm trying to get 100 comments on here!

    1. ? What do you mean?

    2. (forgot to put my user)

  13. Personally,I like all animals, but if I had to pick a few they would be:
    1. Arctic Wolf: It was my first diamond animal
    2.Eagle: They have bought lots of new possibilities to animal jam.
    3. Wolf: They are just awesome :)
    4. Panda: A really misunderstood animal, that is actually very cute.
    5.Monkey: Another really misunderstood animal. Hardly anyone is a monkey and if they are it is for the party. Sometimes I play Best Dressed as a monkey and see if people will actually vote for me.


  14. Scoot, I think the 1ST fur pattern means hyenas since Spotted Hyenas also have those spots, the 2nd I think its some sort of Lynx, Perhaps Iberian Lynx cause in a part of their fur they kinda look like the 2nd paw. At first, I thought the 3rd Paw was Jaguar since it was the other response on the poll, but however, that doesn't look like a Jaguar fur, I know Jaguars and they're not like that, Perhaps it could be another coming-up animal.

  15. My favorite animal has to be bunnies, owls, and red pandas. They are way to cute.

  16. I think the "We Are Coming" article is meant for something else. Until it's confirmed, I'm not quite sure to believe it has anything to do with pets.

  17. i dont know when this happened but i accidently found out today:

    if you are at your den and click the brown and white thing that says your name near top right, it will bring up world map. if you are at someone else den and click that button, it will bring up their username thing.

    1. It does that in every world except other people's dens. I found out a few months ago LOL


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